Shop Smart This Spring

Victoria Paterson, Student Writer

March certainly went out like a lamb.  These past few weeks have consisted of beautiful weather that finally looks like will be sticking around.  With the sun shining, cool breezes, and temperature remaining between 60 and 70 degrees, this calls for a closet change.  It’s time to ditch the bulky sweaters and Uggs and break out the floral prints and jean skirts.

Though spring cleaning of the closet can be exciting, it tends to get overwhelming and most people don’t know where to start.  It gets hard to stay up to date on what’s considered “in”, and where to shop. According to high school student, Ava Bratina, she likes to shop at Forever 21 and American Eagle, because “they are always up to date on what the new styles are and sell them for cheap”.  That being said, here’s a friendly reminder that you do not need to spend a fortune on designer items to dress cute! You can find a lot of great staple pieces for the spring at H&M, Hollister, PacSun, and the stores listed above! Shop smart and look for individual items that can be paired with multiple other items already in your closet.

Pennridge’s fashion marketing and merchandising teacher, Ms. Hoffman, believes that biker shorts paired with blazers will make a hot trend this spring.  Along with that look, she thinks animal prints will make a comeback (some already as seen on models through social media). Also, more menswear inspired looks will be popping up this spring.  Ms. Hoffman said she loves spring fashion because of “lots of colors, having more of a variety in my wardrobe, and not having to wear big and large bulky clothes”.

A lot of people, especially teenagers in high school, wake up as early as 5 a.m. They don’t want to stress with the effort of looking put together for school, so they will put on what’s easy and comfortable, like sweats.  Although this may seem convenient, studies have actually shown that students perform better when they feel more confident with how they look that day. Additionally, you tend to feel better when your outfit is put together and you know you look good. Your outfit shows a lot about the effort you put in and how you want others to view you. Believe it or not, it is still possible to look put together while dressing comfortably!  Try pairing a pair of stretchy skinny jeans with flats and a soft, loose t-shirt that has a pop of color or pattern. If jeans aren’t your cup of tea, you could always wear a flowy floral dress! Dresses are super easy to put on, and with just one quick motion you already look like you put in an effort. Plus, you don’t have to worry about jeans or leggings squeezing your legs!

Spring has arrived and so has a new opportunity to cleanse your wardrobe and mindset.  Keep in mind to shop smart, dress for style and comfort, and express yourself through your fashion choices. I wish you all the best as the weather stays warm and the school year comes to an end.  Wake up with the mentality to work hard, conquer the remaining school days, and most importantly, dress for yourself. Boost your confidence one floral print at a time!