Coming to Pennridge: Mural Day

Olivia Pena, Student Writer

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This year, Pennridge High School is hosting its first-ever Mural Day. Soon, the walls of Pennridge High School will be painted with colorful, vibrant flowers as a part of the Ten Thousand Flowers Project. Created by artist and Perkasie native Tim Gibson, the goal of the Ten Thousand Flowers Project is to paint a giant mural that stretches over many different locations with a total of ten thousand flowers. However, these murals aren’t painted by Gibson alone. Gibson sketches the outline of the flowers in chalk and then invites volunteers, families, and other local groups paint in the variety of bright colors. Then, he goes back and outlines the flowers in black to truly make them pop. The design of the flowers is intentionally simple so that anyone from children to adults is able to participate. This project brings people together for the purpose of creating beautiful works of art around their communities. So far, there are four locations in Sellersville and Perkasie that have pieces of the mural. These locations include Perkasie Borough Hall, Chimayo Art Gallery, Threddies, and Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary. The next two locations are Grasse Elementary School and Pennridge High School. Additionally, Gibson plans to go on a tour of the East Coast this summer and paint parts of the mural in 26 cities!

The mural at Pennridge High School is part six of the Ten Thousand Flowers Project, and all students are invited to participate. The mural will be painted on Saturday, April 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students are able to sign up for three different two-hour shifts during this time to have a hand in painting the flowers. Mrs. Moos, an art teacher at Pennridge, and the Art Mural Club are responsible for coordinating this event. Students are encouraged to contact Mrs. Moos at [email protected] to sign up for a shift. Mural Day also happens to be taking place on the same day as Pennridge High School’s Mini-THON, so students attending will also be able to participate! This event is a way students can leave their mark on the halls of Pennridge while making lifelong memories with friends and peers. There is no doubt that this project will add splashes of color and brighten up the somewhat dreary halls of the high school. Specifically, the mural is planned to be installed in the Life Skills hallway to be enjoyed by all who pass through. Mural Day is not only bringing together current students but will surely have a lasting effect on all future generations of Pennridge students. President of the Art Mural Club Abby Kim said, “When students revisit the school, it will give the memory of creating the school into a beautiful environment. The mural will always be there; it is like something the students leave behind.” Abby is looking forward to painting the flowers as well as having the opportunity to collaborate with a local artist.

Don’t miss your opportunity to paint the walls of Pennridge! Get a group of friends to sign up and participate in this once in a lifetime project.