“We’re in the Endgame now”

 April 26th, 2019; the biggest movie of the year so far was released to the box office. In all my life, I have never seen or heard of a movie as big as this one. Everyone was talking about Endgame, and was excited for it. Ten years of Marvel films, and a total of 22 movies all coming together to this epic family that gives old fans a trip through memory lane, and new fans the best action scenes in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The story started all the way back in 2008 with Iron Man. The first marvel movie in the MCU. Introducing Tony Stark (Iron Man); who we see throughout the other movies, making cameos, and starring in other films. Over the years, we’re introduced to each of the Avengers and each of their backgrounds, while following them down their life paths. Endgame is the last film in the MCU that we’ve all grown up with or have grown to love. It takes you through a roller coaster of emotions; from laughter to sadness, happy to angry. Everything you can think of, every reference to other films, and every little Easter egg was thought of by the Directors: Anthony and Joe Russo. The movie was made for the diehard fans, as well as the new fans that do not understand the storyline. One of the best compliments to the film is that you don’t have to have seen the other films to enjoy the movie. Just watching it at the surface level will still lead you to believe you just watched an amazing movie. Vivian Labs, a student at Pennridge High School, said “I’ve never watched any of them. I would be interested in watching them because of all the positive publicity it has been getting. I heard a fact about how the presales for Endgame have already broken records and that has to mean something”. The CGI is incredible; The acting was perfect. It’s hard to imagine the characters being played by anyone else. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are both hanging up the roles as Iron Man and Captain America. The idea of Tony Stark being played by another actor is very hard to imagine; Robert made the role what it is today. He developed the character and fit it perfectly. This goes the same for  Chris Evans as Captain America. I’ll miss both of them in the MCU, and hope to see appearances from both of them in future films. After the events of Infinity War, and after lots of characters we’ve come to love disappear into thin air, people have been wondering whether they come back or if the MCU had really killed them off for good. Emma Tirijan, a Pennridge High School student said “I’m seeing it, and I want to see if Spider-Man lives/comes back to life”. This is another reason that Endgame is such a big movie this year; part of it is because Infinity War left us on a cliffhanger. Characters dying and the rest lost on what to do was impactful. After seeing Endgame, I can confidently say that it is my favorite Marvel Movie, maybe even movie in general. I would recommend anyone to go see it.