Why You Should Travel Internationally

Victoria Paterson, Staff Writer

International travel is something not all get to experience, but if given the opportunity, you should definitely take advantage of it. With summer slowly approaching and the weather getting warmer, people are starting to plan trips and vacations. For this area, a common destination is the Jersey shore or other shore points along the East Coast. While these trips are convenient and affordable, would it be worth it to save and take one larger trip to another country?

There are many perks to traveling internationally. Depending on where you travel, you get to experience a whole new and foreign culture. We tend to get comfortable with the American culture that we’ve been accustomed to our whole life. It can be exciting to branch out, expand your world view, and get to first-hand experience in the life of others. That being said, international travel gives you the opportunity to discover your own heritage. We all have different origins, and it can be fascinating and rewarding to learn more about where our ancestors came from. Pennridge student, Naghina Dildar, traveled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia in March. When we asked Naghina to describe her experience she said, “It was life-changing for sure. It opens your eyes to so much more about the world. You learn how other people live. My favorite part was that it was a Middle Eastern Muslim country. So it felt like home, and I felt comfortable.”  Despite feeling comfort in Mecca, Naghina pointed out that traveling gave her a new perspective on life in America. She said, “It made me realize again how blessed I am to live in America. I have so many opportunities because I live here, and I learned how being close to God is the best way to live.” While traveling internationally is not only for vacational purposes, it can be beneficial in becoming educated on real world issues as well as broadening your global view.

Traveling internationally can be difficult for some to plan, so luckily there are many opportunities to travel outside of the country that are sponsored by our school. Pennridge student, Avery Power, said the school helped give her information to plan her upcoming two-week trip to Greece and Italy.  Avery said she is eager to learn about “the culture and customs of Italians and Greeks.” Avery will be taking this journey without her family, but she is confident that the trip will teach her a lot about herself and her ability to be independent in another country.

Traveling to another country can be very eye-opening and a great way to experience a new culture. As we get older, it is not always necessary to travel with your family. If money is an issue, start saving a little bit every month to put toward an international trip. It will not only teach you about saving money, but it will be super rewarding when the trip finally comes around! Lastly, remember when traveling to a foreign place for the first time prepare yourself for all scenarios, have a plan, stick with the buddy system, and most importantly, have fun and enjoy your time in a new place!  Take in all of the surreal moments as you will remember this experience for the rest of your life.