(Glen Onoko Falls and Lehigh Gorge Overlook Trail [CLOSED]) Trail Glen Onoko

Alexa Machado, Staff Writer

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A beautiful hiking trail located in Jim Thorpe, PA known as the Glen Onoko Falls Trail has been deemed too dangerous to stay open. They closed off the top and bottom of the trail starting on May 1st, 2019. Many hikers, and locals have enjoyed this magnificent trail for years and are sad to see it go.

        There may be some good news though for the people sad to see the breathtaking trail close. The land management supervisor in the Game Commission’s

Northeast Region Office, Mike Beahm, did state that he “does not see this being indefinite.” They were discussing some safety precautions that they may add, but it is in the air right now due to the high cost of it all. They reason it being too expensive because it would not make everything better just help conditions a little. This trial has been recognized as a very challenging trail, but one of the most rewarding to accomplish. Although there are multiple signs warning hikers the dangers of taking on the trail, most hikers are too inexperienced to be trying to accomplish it. Beahm also stated that this was expected for a long time. The main concern was not the amount of deaths, but actually the amount of rescues per week they had to make. These weekly rescues would require 20-30 first responders per rescue. There was too much injuries on the trail to be safe enough to stay open. Mrs. Bates agreed with this statement saying “she understands the risks of it staying open. Collin Miller, a Pennridge Senior, was upset that they were closing.

It is a sad event of it being closed, but it is for the greater good!