The Impossible Burger

Kouri Peace, Staff Writer

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“The Impossible.” Vegetarian, 100% plant-based, all natural patty with the look & taste of beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, toasted brioche bun (600 cal). Now when thinking about a nice, juicy burger, you probably wouldn’t think to get a vegetarian burger. But honestly, after hearing multiple reviews and actually trying the burger myself, I wouldn’t bet against it. For example, Ally Scarborough who was a vegan rated the burger “A 9/10… I honestly forgot that I wasn’t eating actual beef.” Personally, I am a meat lover and I would have to give it a lower rating, probably around a 6.5, because nothing can beat an actual burger and I tasted a little planty-ness when consuming my dinner. I also think that’s because I knew it was a plant-based burger, so my mind made my taste buds look even harder for something that probably wasn’t even there! However, an environmental science teacher at Pennridge High School, Mrs. Bates thought, “The taste was spot on! I couldn’t believe what I was eating. It had the smokey flavor of a grill rich taste of buttery beef. The more I ate the burger the more believable it was.” Really, the thought of the burger is going to differ for everyone but at the end of the day, you are either going to like it or not. I think this is a great alternative to burgers if you are trying to eat better. This is a way for you to still get a “burger” but not get the stuff that may be extra calories. For me, I may choose it over a regular burger if I am trying to eat better, but I can’t cut out burgers completely. I wouldn’t be able to switch completely over to vegetarian burgers. There are actually a lot of restaurants beginning to hop on this burger bandwagon. Some of them are pretty local too. I went to Bar Louie in Warrington to get my burger and Ally got hers from the Water Wheel Tavern in Doylestown. Word on the street is that Burger King will begin to sell this in their restaurants too! This plant-based patty is going to be the new wave. Soon, there won’t be a restaurant without it on the menu. Especially with all the different types of diets, people are trying today, this will only help people’s cases of trying to eat healthier. If you can and you are willing to be brave, I would strongly advise for you to try this healthier alternative to burgers. It won’t hurt to just try a bite!