Popsicle Party

Hayden Maltby, Student Writer

It’s that time of the year again, when the weather starts getting hot! After having fun in the sun, there is a need for a cold and icy treat to cool off. What better summer treat is there than a popsicle? There are so many types, flavors, and styles of popsicles; there is one for everyone to enjoy. As a young child, there was nothing better than eating a nice cold popsicle with your friends after a long day playing outside. They are delicious treats that everyone enjoys.

Popsicles are not just for little kids either. On Saturday, May 4, a group of four high school seniors went to Giant to celebrate good times like we did when we were younger and bought eight different kinds of popsicles to enjoy together. The four of us bought fudgesicles, orange creamsicles, scribblers, Philly swirls, sour patch kids, rocket pops, otter pops, and outshine grape flavored fruit bars. Each of us ate one of each kind of popsicle and talked about childhood memories and enjoyed eight tasty treats.

As we finished tasting the delicious treats, we voted on which of the popsicles were our favorites and why. The fan favorite was the Giant brand Orange creamsicle. The creamsicles were super soft and just had lots of flavor in them. When the team interviewed people for their favorite popsicles, Alex Lippmann stated, “ I love creamsicles. They are so nice to have on a hot. The mix between fruity flavor and ice cream is sensational.” The creamsicles are a very popular and good option for kids to eat after being outside on a hot day. At Giant, they are only $3.00 for a box of twelve, which is a good inexpensive treat to enjoy.

A close second for good popsicles was the Giant brand Fudgesicles. Similar to the creamsicles they were very soft and tasty. The only thing that the team noted about the fudgesicles was that they felt thirsty after eating the fudgesicles. Junior Aubrey Piacine said, “fudgesicles are absolutely delicious.” Fudgesicles are also inexpensive along with the orange creamsicles. It really depends on whether you prefer a chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream taste. No matter your choice you can’t go wrong when it comes to popsicles. It doesn’t matter whether you like a more traditional popsicle like an otter pop, or whether you like to spice it up with crazy flavors like the ones of the sour patch popsicles there is a popsicle that everyone can enjoy.