So Long, Partner?

Kieran Petrosky, Student Writer

The iconic Toy Story movie series has been a staple of children’s movies for the entire millennium. The series, which had its first movie released in 1995 and its latest movie, Toy Story 3, debuting in 2010, depicts the world from the perspective of toys. The plot follows the main characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear as they face many challenges throughout the trilogy.

However, there is more of the story to be told.  That story will be shared on June 21st of 2019, the release date of Toy Story 4, the fourth movie of the series. The movie, which continues where Toy Story 3 left off (the toys being with their new owner, Bonnie), introduces some new faces and reintroduces some familiar faces.

The movie introduces a new main character named Forky. Forky is a spork “toy” that was pulled from the trash and given googly eyes and a mouth. Although the utensil is Bonnie’s favorite new toy, he undergoes an existential crisis knowing he is not truly a toy. Forky, now reaching a fork in the road decides to run away from home.

The movie also reintroduces a familiar face in Bo Peep, who hasn’t seen the screen since the 1990’s.  From the trailer the story shows that bonnie made a new toy call “Forky” and he believes he should be used for food and thrown out leaving Woody jumping after him for bonnie.  The new story shows the toys once again trying to get back to their kid.

Bo Peep, who in previous movies has been depicted as a soft, passive character, has been given a completely different look. The shepherdess has been redesigned with a staff and a bold outfit. Many are applauding this redesign as it makes a statement for woman and encourages them to be bold and be brave

Ironically, Toy Story isn’t the only toy movie that is premiering on June 21. The horror movie Child’s Play, featuring a possessed serial killer doll named Chucky, will also be premiering on the same day – although the two movies are certainly for different audiences. A poster for Child’s Play features Woody from Toy Story laying on the ground as a victim of Chucky.  

The movie is already highly anticipated by many. Many people of the late millennials and early Generation Z grew up watching the older Toy Story movies, and this latest release could provide a nostalgic experience for them. Jess Felicione, a senior at Pennridge High School, says she was “obsessed with the series for some time” when she was a kid. She says she will probably watch the new movie, although a fourth movie possibly is “too much” for her.

Lori Robertson, a mother of two, recalls her kids being “big lovers of the Toy Story movies” and that she “became a fan” too. She says the announcement of the new movie has gotten her excited and she is planning on seeing it.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if there are many young adults in the movie theater looking to relive their childhood memories. This movie is also the first Toy Story movie in 9 years and there will likely be a new generation of Toy Story lovers. Whether the viewers are old or young, it appears the story of these famous toys will be seen by many.