Playoff Time

Emily Hegen, Staff Writer

It has come to that time of the season again, where the teams are cramming in their last games and praying that they are able to make it in the 6A playoffs for their sports. Representing Pennridge this year in the spring playoffs will be the Boys Lacrosse Team, Girls Softball Team, and the Boys Volleyball Team. All three of these teams were able to clinch their spot of 24 teams.

The Boys Lacrosse team going into playoffs, has had a record of 10-7. With this record, they were able to be the number 15 seed in the tournament. They were able to play their first round of playoffs on Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. against Council Rock North and came out with a win. Coach Banks has coached 9 teams into playoffs and 4 of those 9 have been the past 4 years at Pennridge. At the beginning of the season Coach Banks had asked the team to make pre-season goals to strive towards for by the end of the year. At the beginning of practice before a game, the team starts off by watching films on the opponents they will be facing the next day, and then continue the practice with their game warm ups. They then go over their offense and defense and continue with preparing themselves with what the opponent’s offense and defense will be like. “We try and keep the boys relaxed and loose to make sure that they are having fun but also being focused on the job we have to do.” said Coach Banks. When we asked Banks what his favorite part of the season is, he had said, “I hope my favorite moment is yet to come but I think for this year, it would be the senior year”. Banks had said this because he was able to coach a bunch of these kids since they were younger and being able to watch them grow up as men and seeing all of the different accomplishments over the years was great for him. Best of luck to the Pennridge Men’s Lacrosse team in the 2019 6A playoffs.

Next up is the Pennridge Lady Rams Softball team. Going into the postseason, the softball team has a record of 9-8. With this record they were able to clinch their spot as the 20th seed. The girls will be playing their first round of playoffs Monday May 20, 2019 against number 13 seed, Bensalem. The team is currently coached by Coach Iadonisi. This is Coach Iadonisi’s first season with the Lady Rams but her 13th season coaching. Coach Iadonisi has been a head coach for only one year now, but for the other schools she used to coach for she has been to two state championships. This will be the Rams second playoff season in the last four years. The practice before any game the team works on the basics and making sure they stay as focused as possible but still having fun. They also work on any specific plays that will help them defeat their next opponent. After asking Coach Iadonisi what her favorite part of the season has been so far, she said, “At the beginning of the season, the girls made it a goal to make playoffs and they accomplished that, so I am very proud and excited to watch them play next week.” Coach Iadonisi hopes for the best and just wishes her girls come out confident. Best of luck to the Pennridge Lady Rams Softball team in the 2019 6A playoffs.

Last but not least, for the spring season, we have the Pennridge Boys Indoor Volleyball team going to playoffs as well. The volleyball team went into the postseason with a record of 6-10. The first round of playoffs was on Tuesday May 14, 2019 against Central Bucks West and we had a fantastic win over them. The head coach of the team, Dave Childs, has been able to get a majority of the guys on the team to the final four of playoffs before. During practices for preparing the team for playoffs, it would consist of them talking about the strengths they need for the upcoming game and once that is completed, the practice will be worked around working on those strengths. After asking assistant coach, Coach Bishop, what his favorite moment is of this season was, he responded with, “The win against Central Bucks West, because that game really showed everyone working together collectively and playing their best. And it just so happened to be during the playoffs which makes it even better.”

Best of luck to everyone is their playoff run during the 2019 6A playoffs.