The Importance of the Arts

Francesca DiGiovanni, Student Writer

Arts education is a necessity in schools. Unfortunately, so many students are deprived of the arts, and their education suffers because of it. In the past few years, arts programs have been on the decline. Many schools do not give students the ability to be creative or express new ideas. Having arts programs like drawing, painting, music, or dancing are so important in the development of students and their education. There is such a strong emphasis on standardized tests and scores, rather than kids’ imaginations and ideas. In fact, having arts programs increases students test scores, with art students scoring 4% better than non art students on the SAT. 

A study conducted by the Rice Kinder Institute on the benefits of strong arts education programs in high schools concluded, “in terms of school engagement, students were more likely to agree that school work is enjoyable, makes them think about things in new ways, and that their school offers programs, classes, and activities that keep them interested” (Kisida and Bowen). Making art classes and other creative activities a part of the daily curriculum instead of electives is one way to start. Having a creative outlet is imperative to keep students engaged in positive ways. Students with access to art programs have a 3.6% reduction in disciplinary issues. 

Students with strong art programs also have a higher percentage of empathy and compassion for others. Pursuing arts can greatly influence a students confidence and self-worth. So many students are gifted in the arts, and having the ability in school to explore their talent is very meaningful. An artistic background can set individuals apart from the crowd. It can make students better candidates for opportunities because of the qualities that can be learned by the arts. Schools must immerse their students in the arts to unlock their true potential!