Creativity, Art, and, Anime

“Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity,” said a wise man, Robert Pirsig. During this current quarantine, boredom has taken over everyone. Creativity is “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.” According to U.S studies, individuals who experience the feeling of boredom is more likely to experience depression or anxiety. But no, there is a study that opposes the negatives of boredom. At a Pennsylvania University, a study found out that individuals who are bored had a better creativity performance. Creativity is crucial for every bit of everything, it is the cause that leads to great effects for the future.

Creativity can be expressed through any works of art. Whether you paint, draw, sculpt, crafting furniture, creating machinery, and even inventing anything! A famous genius, Leonardo Da Vinci, is one of the most creative human to ever exist. The Mona Lisa painting, the Last Supper, and the man riding a horse, were all created by Da Vinci. Before he passed away, there is valuable advice he had passed along for our current and future generations about enhancing your creativity. “Having an independent mind” meaning that you should not let others shape the way you think creatively. Letting your ideas roam freely is a beneficial way to further your creativity.

Writing is “the skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text” is one of the easiest options to release your creativity and emotions. When you are bored, you can just reread what you wrote down. The skills of writing, like for movie scripts, cartoon scripts, anything-scripts, can expand your thinking to advance more. Like in anime, writers must constantly think about what they want to write, how to make it interesting for the audience. This will upgrade their story lines to improve shows and their episodes.

We can all certainly build our creativity. You may be wondering if it is worth it building it up. Yes, it certainly is worth it! For example, from a Netflix show called “The Stranger Things” (spoiler) the young teenagers planned these traps to lure the monster into it and successfully burned it. The monster did not die, but it was very creative and well planned. Creativity can be used in numerous amount of positive ways. A Kenguru electric car was created for handicapped individuals who can use to drive themselves to places. There is a SMART Belt invented by engineering students in 2013, which is created for people who experience epilepsy seizures. The belt monitors and warns an upcoming epilepsy.

When you look at all this, creativity is the main producer that results in millions of ways inventions possible. Creativity is what makes the world fascinating and how it can help benefit millions of people. Dogs with no two front legs, can be placed with two hand-made wheel strollers to help move around. People who are color blind may have the ability to order colorblind shades to experience what real colors look like. Possibly in the future, inventions like robotic messengers that can give you car rides and cooks you any food perfectly in under thirty seconds. Let us hope and get creative.