Joshua Vitali Pennridge Artist

Christian Browning, Student Writer

Joshua Vitali, one of many skilled artists here at Pennridge. He has shown a strong passion for drawing with pencil and color pencil, along with pastels. Joshua’s drawings often consisted of people and landscapes.


Pennridge offers many classes in the art field. Some of the classes Joshua has attended include “Digital Design 1 and 2 Sophomore year, Intro to 3D animation last semester, and Intro to Art this semester.” These are few of the many courses provided to take. Along with taking Pennridge  classes, he also attended Amanda Layre’s Art Studio in Doylestown. This out of school class is where Joshua really started to take on the landscape drawing. Josh included that “My favorite thing about Pennridge art classes is that they push me to continue doing art even if I am burnt out at the time. They also help me learn more techniques and ways to do art.” This shows the impact that a school art class can have. This art class has helped Joshua keep up with his passion in drawing without losing interest.

Sometimes it’s something as small as doodling that sparks a strong interest in drawing. This is what happened in Joshua’s case. This doodling is what got him into the drawing class that he attended. Joshua would like to keep up with his drawing and enhance his skills in every technique. Joshua said “Anybody can be good at art, you just have to put time into it and practice a lot.”

There are many different reasons for drawing; some do it as a passion, some do it out of boredom, or simply just because they enjoy it. Joshua takes on this skill as a time filler and passion and is determined to keep getting better and better.