Cancun, the Opportune Vacation

Celebrate this holiday season in Cancun, Mexico

Landon Herbst, Student Writer

The holiday season swiftly approaches lowering thermostats, bringing frigid winds and along with it, impending snowstorms. Instead of suffering in the cold, enjoy a luxurious vacation and explore all the attractions Cancun, Mexico has to offer. Venture to the ancient, ruined Mayan city of Chichén Itza and observe the Temple of Kukulcán. Listen to some famous traditional folk mariachi music while enjoying a traditional Mexican dish at the local restaurant Hacienda el Mortero. Recline on the elegant clear water beach of Playa Delfines or partake in fun beach activities such as parasailing or snorkeling. The variety of attractions to view is plentiful and will ensure any family a quality vacation during the holiday season.

The site of the ruined city of Chichén Itza is a marvelous one, especially for any history enthusiasts eager to learn more of the Mayan culture. It occupies four square miles in south-central Mexico, and was thought to be a religious, militant, political, and commercial centre that housed thirty-five thousand people. The main attraction of this city, however, is the Temple of Kukulcán. According to former tourist of the city of Chichén Itza and Temple of Kukulcán, Patricia Bollinger, “The Mayan ideology was to sacrifice virgin citizens of Chichén Itza off the edge of a cliff of a mountain at the location of the Temple of Kukulcán. This was to honor their gods by spilling the blood of a virgin in their name” she explained. This place of scarification is a popular tourist attraction of the city where tourists are also given the opportunity to climb to the top of the temple and peer down the mountain into the city below from an ariel view if they so choose.

Chichén Itza’s Temple of Kukulcán

None of the wonderful attractions in Cancun are viewable on an empty stomach. The local famous restaurant, Hacienda el Mortero, provides a sample of the delicious ethnic foods of Mexico while offering a separate flavor of culture with Mariachi music. One’s ears would be blessed to entertain themselves in listening to the most traditional folk music offered in Hispanic culture. Mariachi music first originated in the 19th century in the Mexican state of Jalisco in Cocula. It consists of a high-pitched, five-stringed guitar known as a vihuela, a bass guitar called the guitarrón, violins, and trumpets. A tourist of Cancun, Dan Bollinger, exclaimed, “The music has a very classy but upbeat feel, and it compelled my wife Patricia and I to take to the floor and dance.” This is a common response to many native folks as you’ll see numerous people dancing to the beat of the music with beaming expressions on their faces.

Mariachi band playing mariachi folk music

A vacation truly cannot be the best of experiences without an elegant beach. Cancun’s Playa Delfines resembles this and more. It contains white sand, clear water with a pure blue tint ocean and no built structures residing on it. It is the perfect location for reclining or for going for peaceful swim, or for activities such as parasailing and snorkeling. “The reef for snorkeling along the Playa Delfines beach was great.” Tourist Dan Bollinger said. “The water is very clear, and you can see all different varieties of neat-looking colorful fish.” In fact, fish aren’t the only aquatic creature to make appearances at the beach. Dolphins frequent the beach and sometimes will rear their fins out of the water, diving out of the water and back in to add some entertainment for anyone lucky to witness this occur.

Playa Delfines beach

Cancun offers some of the most wonderfully vivid sights and sounds, and with the upcoming holidays and cold temperatures approaching, it is a perfect tourist attraction spot to visit. “It was the best vacation spot I’ve visited in my entire life” tourist Patricia Bollinger stated. “I highly recommend any family that wishes to go on vacation outside the U.S to consider going to Cancun.”