Behind the scenes: Boys Basketball

Annabelle Sharp, Student Writer

“Play hard, have fun, and be a great team” coach Behrens said when asked what the goal of practice is. The team works together and gets along. They practice hard and play hard, supporting each other constantly and, working through practice as a group.

At practice Coach Behrens gives constructive criticism on what you could do better for the next game. He gives constant effort while the team practices

A picture from the boy’s basketball practice. They are running plays.

like it is a game. They will run plays until they are perfected. Practice is a learning exercise for them, and they are never wondering why they are doing something. The coach will explain the purpose of the exercises and the players trust his judgment. I asked the team if the coach’s reasons are justified when he gets angry. Justin Nichols responded, “Yes, he always has a good reason.” Justin Nichols is a senior captain on the basketball team. Tyler Johnson who is a senior on the basketball team and has played for four years said that “The coaches’ reasons are never personal.”

Both Tyler and Justin say that this year’s basketball team gets along much better than they have in years past. They communicate through plays and practice helps them grow as a team. The team is very supportive as they constantly cheer on their teammates when they are not playing. The coach tells them what they are doing well and will stop a play and explain if he thinks something could be done better. When the team learns a new play, they will practice it until they get comfortable.

The team has a lot of respect for their coach and the way practice is run. Practices are very organized. They make a schedule for practice every day and follow it accurately.  Both players would also agree that their practices prepare them for their games. Coach Behrens explained that good or bad practice is decided by “The energy level.” The players make their own practices good and bad. If they run drills badly or do not do them correctly, the practice would be bad.

Practice is right after school and almost all the players will show up before practice completely starts. They do some small shooting when they get there. They then start practice with stretching. After that practices will differ. Before the season really starts, the practices are the most different; they do more conditioning and learn to work as a team. During the season they are constantly preparing for the next game. They watch film and run their plays until they feel they are ready.

The basketball team’s practices this year are very organized with a team that gets along very well. The team has a very healthy relationship along with their coach and their fellow players. Coach Behrens has helped the team grow a lot and they continue to grow through every practice.