Melissa Wolf, Someone We Should All Look Up To

Noah Wolf, Student Writer

Whether it’s overcoming the challenges life throws at her, or helping and caring for those who ask, Melissa Wolf has had an impact on so many lives in the best way possible. Melissa has gone by many names over the years whether it be Melissa or Mom, the ones who know her, know her as a kind and caring person. Melissa has spent her entire life working to help others and often times puts others before herself. No matter the occasion she always helps. Even at a young age, she helped those in need through her church group, and now to working full time helping students with special needs.

Melissa started her selfless work at a young age and took after her own mother by helping around the house and taking care of her little brother. Now, she helps on a daily basis at work, caring for special-needs students. Melissa often spends her days at work taking care of her assigned student, Sebastian, which includes helping him with his motor skills, speech, and making sure he stays on task and gets his work done. Sometimes her job can get quite difficult, but Melissa does not let the problems in her job keep her from helping those who ask.

When asked about her job Melissa said, “I help Sebastian with his schoolwork, take him to his different classes, redirect him when he gets off task, and I use verbal and non-verbal prompts to help him maintain appropriate school behavior.” Melissa also stated how when her student Sebastian is not at school, she helps the other students that are in the special support classroom. Melissa has to often use poise and patience in her job as there are challenges that would make the average person lose their mind, but not Melissa.

Melissa’s co-workers also boast about not only how great and hard of a worker she is, but also how great of a person she is. When asked about Melissa’s work ethic, her co-worker Jordan stated “Melissa is one the hardest workers here. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes and after school, and Melissa goes above and beyond to make sure that every day at school can be a good one for Sebastian.”

“Some days are harder than others with him (referring to Sebastian)” said Melissa. “Some days everything will be great, and he’ll be on task all day, other days it can be a real struggle.” Despite some of those days being a struggle, Melissa works very hard to never get down on herself or others and always “keeps her cool” to ensure that her student Sebastian and other students feel that they are in a safe environment.

Not many can do what Melissa Wolf can do, that of course being a wonderful person to be around day in and day out. Melissa is a special kind of person with a heart that is open and welcoming to all, and she makes sure that everyone around her feels safe and loved. I think we could all learn a little something from Melissa.