Psyched to Cycle: The New Trend in the Workout Community

The atmosphere at CycleBar North Wales

When working out, one often turns to heading to the gym or going for a run. Everyone has their standard workout routine, but sometimes hitting the weights or the treadmill gets old. CycleBar, an indoor cycling studio, allows you to add a new twist to your workouts. CycleBar turns your average bike ride into a music-driven, mood-elevating, and fun-filled experience that will benefit you both mentally and physically.

Cycling as a whole provides you with an array of benefits. Cycling is found to help shed body fat, improve heart health, and boost muscle endurance. While most classes are tailored to target the legs and glutes, oftentimes weights are incorporated to help gain upper body strength as well. With the proper form and technique, cycling provides you with a full body workout and is a huge calorie burner. The low-impact aspect of the activity also makes it a great workout for those recovering from an injury. The benefits of cycling extend past the physical side of things. Cycling is a great energy booster and produces a steady stream of endorphins to leave you feeling refreshed. At CycleBar, the instructor is there to motivate you and fill you with inspiration that will carry you throughout the rest of your day. It is just as much a workout as it is an experience of personal growth. CycleBar instructor Krissy Milnazik sees how cycling carries into one’s everyday life, saying “Once you realize what you can go through in that room you realize what you can go through outside”. The rigor of cycling classes teaches determination and perseverance, skills cyclists can take from class and bring into their day-to-day lives.

The experience of CycleBar doesn’t compare to that of a normal cycling class. Immediately upon entering one of its many locations buildings, you are hit with high energy and excitement, even if it’s as early as 6 a.m. You’re provided with shoes specifically designed to clip into the CycleBar bikes and are given a specific bike. Enter the cycling studio and you’re transported into an incomparable atmosphere. From the colored lights to the music that’s bouncing off the walls, you are instantly amped up and ready to dive into the workout. The 30-45 minute class will consist of a mixture of intervals, hills, and tests of strength. You are able to control the resistance of your bike through a red knob at the center, and above that, you have a screen where you can see all your statistics. The leaderboard that occasionally pops up at the front of the class adds a competitive edge to the experience and pushes you to give your all. With the amazing impact it has on both your physical and mental wellbeing, it is no surprise many people have made CycleBar a part of their daily workout routine. Cycler Brittany Tonczack comes at least five days a week, saying that her “overall wellbeing is better” since adding cycling into her life. Whether you’re a regular or a newcomer, there is always an immediate feeling of comfort in the CycleBar community. A class is bound to leave you with a good mindset and new sense of strength, ready to take on the day.