Summertime at the Jersey Shore



A bird’s eye view as the sun sets over Ocean City, New Jersey.

The Jersey Shore is a vacation destination for many new families, young lovers, or even grandma and grandpa. With 127 miles of coastline, the Jersey Shore offers us beautiful boardwalks, thrilling rides, breathtaking beaches, and exciting wildlife at every turn. On average, the shore region accommodates approximately 762,000 tourists during the summer months. Forty-four beaches stretch from North to South Jersey making it a popular destination for vacations.

Cape May has been known over the years as the most popular New Jersey beach to vacation at.  Cape May offers a wide range of 16 different beaches. Many vacationers argue Cape May is top tier solely because of their charming beach towns; however, it is also known for its grand Victorian-style homes. These historic homes line the coastline with beautiful history for all to appreciate. Our poll, sent to Pennridge High School students, showed Cape May as the fourth most popular beach to visit in the summer.

Wildwood finished taking the third spot for Pennridge’s top New Jersey beaches. With five miles of soft sand and a 36-block boardwalk, Wildwood has something for everyone. The beach alone is nearly five miles long. After the beach, Morey’s Pier is a must for the kids who want to enjoy one of the two water parks offered or maybe the fun amusement park rides instead. Justin Nichols, an owner of a beach house in Wildwood, said his love for Wildwood sparked because, “of being near the beach and enjoying the boardwalk because of all the people and food.” The iconic Sightseer Tramcar also runs along the Wildwood Boardwalk which is packed with restaurants, shops, and thrill rides.

Ocean City, New Jersey, is one of the most highly populated beaches coming in at 11,132 citizens. This eight-mile stretch of breathing scenery is also flooded with family fun events! Gillian’s Wonderland Pier offers a wide range of over 25 different rides. Nick Rosica, an owner of a beach house in Ocean City, stated, “Usually many people are there, the beach is clean and so is the water, and it’s easy to find enough space if you go at a reasonable time.” This is just one of many reasons Nick and his family picked Ocean City over any of the other 40 beaches in New Jersey. Between the water and amusement parks, mini-golf courses, and concerts that the Ocean City Music Pier offers, Ocean City was ranked number one for Pennridge High School students’ top New Jersey beach!

Come summertime, many are looking for the best beach that will fit their needs based on what is right for them. With nearly 130 miles of coastline New Jersey seems to bring more visitors every year. For anyone hoping to catch some sun or walk across the sand during a sunset, New Jersey beaches are definitely for you. Now it’s just time to pick which one is the perfect fit for you!