Showering the Pennridge High School Community With Joy

The Special Olympics banner hangs high in the Pennridge’s white gym.

Who would have thought a term used to describe a bad weather day in April would also describe a day where people come together and get rained on. On April 29, Pennridge High School’s April Showers was held. It’s overall purpose was for individuals who have been raising funds for Special Olympics Pennsylvania athletes and their school’s unified sports teams to walk, run, or dance their way through a shower of water provided by their local fire departments. Although it’s a day of recognition for our beloved life skills and Special Olympics athletes, it’s also a day for the students and staff to take pride in being a part of an event that brings unity and joy to the school community.

After students had the opportunity to run through the water, a rock band made up of Pennridge students and staff played, supplying musical entertainment for all who were a part of the event to enjoy. Overall the event was a success and fulfilled its purpose of providing students, teachers, and staff an opportunity to enjoy a day all together.

Although this event is inclusive for the entire Pennridge High School community, it’s mostly geared toward insuring that the Special Olympics Pennsylvania athletes and life skills students have a day that leaves a positive imprint on their high school years. Patricia Pena, a Pennridge High School staff member that assists in supporting the life skills students, discussed the topic of the April Showers event stating, “It was awesome. It was inspiring and fun to see the life skills kids outside their normal element and routine and watching them come to life.” Students often don’t get too many opportunities to interact with the Special Olympics Pennsylvania or life skills students, so to witness them having an immense amount of fun during April Showers makes the whole event a success.  When asked about the effects of the event for the Special Olympics students, Pennridge High School junior Dylan O’Brien commented that “It was really a great experience and brought a lot of attention to the Special Olympics community.” Many event participants found their experience pleasant and beneficial for a good cause.

The Pennridge High School April Showers event was a great success. It provided an opportunity for students and staff to support a great cause and have fun doing so, and for the Special Olympics Pennsylvania and life skills students to have a day centered around them having fun running through the water supplied by the firetrucks. The Pennridge High School community came together to support a great cause in watching students and staff be showered in water and joy.