Coming Soon: Summer Fun For Everyone


Emily Kriney

Picture of a gorgeous sunset at Peace Valley Park taken on October 2nd, 2021.

Summertime is coming up fast, which means that plenty of enjoyable activities are needed to occupy eager kids and families while being on their breaks! Summer bucket lists are being made and there are many wonderful options that anyone can love. Getting outside of the house is one of the best ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather that is only experienced here, in Southeast Pennsylvania, for about three months. Below are some suggested places that are easily accessible and can always create a good time!

Peace Valley Nature Center
Peace Valley, also known as Lake Galena, is a great place for people to be outdoors with a multitude of lovely attractions. Trails, vegetation, and a beautiful view of the water are a sight that is very worthwhile. In addition to being able to fish, kayak on the water, and picnic in the many open areas, Peace Valley Nature Center also hosts events for people to participate in like barbecues, campfires, wildlife walks, and offers a nice spot to walk a furry friend. The calendar schedule for fun events can be found on their website. At Peace Valley, there is also a “Sunflower Shop” where people can find cute souvenirs associated with the park.

Lake Nockamixon
Nockamixon is another local area with a variety of fun activities to do. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and having a small boat are some ways that people are able to relax in the water. It also has a pool area for people who’d like to take a swim. Nockamixion enables visitors to enjoy a picnic area, have small barbecues, parties in the pavilion and playground areas, and just relax in the open environment. Fishing and hunting are also allowed with some restrictions. The Nockamixion area is also home to some hills that are perfect for taking a hike. There are many trails for people to explore, and there are also some walking paths around the lake.

Hilltown Park
Hilltown park is a local spot that attracts many high school students looking to play pickup basketball or go for a run. Hilltown park is located right down the street from Locals Pizza and Pasta. The amenities include a soccer field, baseball field, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and walking paths. Joey Rindone, a current Pennridge High School senior, spends a lot of time at Hilltown Park. Rindone says, “On a warm spring day my favorite activity is to go to the hilltown park and play pickup. I like being active and I feel like I am wasting my day if I sit inside the whole time, being active makes me feel good and boosts my self-esteem”. Rindone, like many other high school students, will continue going to Hilltown park until he leaves for college in the fall.

The perfect summer day can be spent walking around downtown Doylestown. People can start their day by hitting one of the best breakfast spots such as the Turning Point, Aunt Judy’s Family Restaurant, Cross Key’s Diner, Native Cafe, and more. After breakfast, walking around downtown is a great option. There are many local small businesses that thrive in the heart of Doylestown. After shopping around you can explore one of the many different famous attractions in Doylestown. Some of these attractions include the Michener Art Museum, the Mercer Museum, the Fonthill Castle, the County Theatre, the Doylestown Escape Room, and more. It offers a lively and refreshing town atmosphere.

Dorney Park
Doney Park is located about 37 minutes from Pennridge High School. The park offers many different attractions and is fun for people of all ages. There are tickets offered on the website for as low as $39.99. Some of the famous attractions at Dorney include Steel Force, the Demon Drop, Dominator, the Ferris wheel and so much more. Dorney’s attractions change throughout the seasons, but the fun can be experienced all year round. Dorney is not only an amusement park but a waterpark as well. With a mix of rides, games, treats, and fun activities, Dorney is a great place to spend the day!

Being outdoors and enjoying the local attractions is one of the best ways to use free time. Ashley McMillan, a senior at Pennridge High School, spoke on ways that she loves to spend time outside. She mentioned that she has gone to the two lakes at Peace Valley and Nockamixon, saying, “I like that you can either walk or bike on the trails or just go into the woods and admire the views”. In our local area, make sure to ask others about ways that they like to enjoy the nice weather as well, and make sure to put it on your summer bucket list!