Jesus and Coffee; It’s a Vibe

Last week at the Rise and Grind Cafe – Brooke Weiss, Kayla Weise, Hannah Trautner, Emma Weise (left to right)

Jesus and coffee. You often may see quotes like “I am running on Jesus and coffee” or something along those lines on mugs, shirts, etc. It is becoming increasingly common to see these two paired together. They go hand and hand with each other. There is just something about it that is a whole vibe. Some may start their morning reading their Bible with a nice cup of coffee to kickstart their day.

Last week, we met a group of friends at the Rise and Grind Cafe and started our morning with coffee. Rise and Grind is a small, local business in Perkasie. They have coffee, breakfast, and other foods. Cute local coffee shops are always a go-to as we are supporting small businesses, and the cute aesthetically pleasing scenery is always a plus. We all brought our Bibles, pens, and markers to the coffee shop to journal together before school. We each ordered an iced vanilla latte, found a table, and opened up our Bibles.

Emma Weise, Kayla’s sister, has been Bible journaling since 2017 but has gotten into it when the Pandemic hit in 2020 because of all the time she had on her hands. She often likes to paint with acrylics and watercolor in her Bible. Weise also includes, “I take notes with pens and markers, and sometimes do word art with the verses, and write notes on how to apply the word to my life.” She explains how Bible journaling makes her feel “sufficiently better, and productive”. Weise goes into how sometimes when she does not want to sit and bible journal, a cup of coffee just motivates her to want to do it and be in the word. Last summer, we all went on our church’s beach camp trip and something we all loved doing in the morning was getting up early to watch the sunrise, then heading back to the hotel to grab Starbucks and sit at a big table and Bible journal with our friends. “The coffee just brought us together to Bible journal together, and it was so much fun, the vibe was perfect,” Weise states. Her favorite go-to drink is an iced vanilla latte, and if she is feeling fancy a splash of hazelnut.

Brooke Weiss got her first journaling Bible in middle school and has loved coffee for years. She says, “I always have my coffee when I’m Bible journaling early in the morning.” Many people make a habit of starting their day with daily devotions, prayer, and a cup of coffee. Her go-to coffee is a caramel iced latte. Journaling at a coffee shop with friends is a great way to make it more enjoyable and to get out and do something different. Weiss says she always enjoys “sitting and having a peaceful moment away from home”. She loves studying the Bible with a group of friends. Last summer, she started a Bible study with girls her age. Throughout the week, they would study and journal in the Bible and then meet together to talk about it. Studying with friends and coffee can make Bible journaling more fun.

All of us are looking forward to getting together this summer sipping on iced lattes and growing in our our faith and getting into the word.