Friday Night Lights

James Sinsel, Staff Writer

  On October 18, 2018 I approached the head coach of the Pennridge football team, Mr. Muller, to ask him a few questions.  I asked what some of the highlights of the last game were? He told us that there were a lot of highlights at the last game including that having the seniors out on the field was a huge deal and they played on a high level. He told me that the seniors truly stepped up and showed everyone who they are and what they’re made of. Guys were doing good things and really stepped up which Muller was super thrilled about. He stated that the offensive line was huge that night, and they really showed who they were, and they did very well in that game. “With how big they are they dominated up front which was great.” Defensively, #88 finally got his first touchdown, huge congrats to him. Mueller says that “Overall as a team we played at a really high level”.

Zac Kantor, John Post, and Shane Hartzell were all mentioned  for breaking school records and for going above and beyond this season.

Zac Kantor, #10, broke a school record for touchdown passes in a single season. He ended the season with 17 touchdown passes.

John post, #87,  broke the single season record for touchdown receptions at 11.

Shane Hartzell, #40, has the single season school record for total tackles at 126.

At the game on October 18th, we won 55-20 against William Tennent at home field. Muller tells us that the staff and students are tremendous, and that having the students behind them cheering them on is a huge deal. When Muller took over the job as head coach, he knew that there was a huge amount of support from the community and from the students. Muller stated at the end, “Having the support, having the students, having the fans, and everyone come out and support us on Friday nights is definitely a huge factor in that.”

Thank you to Coach Muller and the boys for a great season.  Hopefully next year we’ll be just as good!