Goldfish, the Only Snack You Will Ever Need

Hannah Cressman

Goldfish are the best snack food on the market. There is no doubt that Pepperidge Farms has perfected the art of crackers. The smooth cheddar flavor combined with a decadent amount of salt makes this the best snack for all ages.

The cute eye appealing fish were first made in 1962 by Pepperidge Farms, which is a subdivision of Campbell Soup. The first type to launch on the market was the original saltine. Since then, Goldfish now come in a variety of flavors and have expanded to Flavor-Blasted and Flavor-Blasted grahams varieties. Goldfish also offers fish that aren’t cheese based but instead are chocolate or vanilla based. This gives Goldfish a different edge for popularity outside the cheese world. The wide assortment gives the consumer the ability to find something they love.

Goldfish are also a healthier alternative to sugary, greasy, and unnaturally colored snacks. They are made with whole grains, enriched wheat, and use natural colorants. They also use real cheddar cheese to get their taste.  

So why is this the perfect snack? Well, they are convenient, versatile, come in many different varieties, and they just taste great! Compared to other big-name snack crackers like Cheez-its Goldfish out beat them in flavor options and better ingredients. In a suggested serving an individual Goldfish has 4.5g mg and 0.36g carbs, while a single Cheez-it has 8.86g mg and 0.65g carbs.

Although competitors and off-brand cheese crackers are on average cheaper than Goldfish you are buying what you pay for. Pepperidge Farms sources top-grade ingredients to make their Goldfish crackers the best they can be. This means without fail you are always receiving the best product you can, every time.