Women Supporting Women at Pennridge High School

Women Supporting Women standing in front of their Wonder Woman poster.

Women Supporting Women is a club at Pennridge High School to support women’s health. It was founded in 2020 during COVID by Alexis Moyer and Sydney Peoples to help teen girls socialize and feel confident in their bodies. They have put together numerous fundraisers, and hold meetings biweekly. The student body here at Pennridge donated feminine products to put in the school bathrooms in order to assist them if they cannot afford it, or if they are in an emergency and need a quick backup. Lia Mott, a supporter of the Women’s club says, “I feel comfortable coming to school knowing I am supplied with the products I may need on a surprise day. I love that they are provided for us”

In addition to having a variety of menstrual products at school, the young girls at the Women Supporting Women club also help out women who are struggling with domestic violence. They did a coat drive and donated at Nova Thrift Shop, a thrift store in Bucks, County. Nova Thrift was originally meant to help protect women who had been raped, but then it expanded and became even bigger for women who are struggling and need help all around. They also have a 24/7 victim hotline where people can call, and get help. Females are more likely to have anxiety and depression than males (even though anyone can have it). Depression in teenagers may cause a low appetite and performance behavior which can eventually lead to substance abuse. Social media can take a toll on a girl’s mental health. Teenage girls have a 20 percent chance of having a mood disorder. These are just some of the many statistics on a young girl’s mental health. Luckily, the WSW club supports and helps girls at school with the trouble they may be going through. Mental health matters, especially while the brain is trying to grow. They want to make all girls feel safe and secure not only in their bodies but in their minds as well.

Pennridge wants to make the WSW known. There are many ways to do so, such as announcing inspiring women on the announcements during women’s history month. Chloe Kercher, a member of the Women Supporting Women, said that “social media and Instagram would be a good way to spread awareness because we are in a very digital age”. If you have an interest in attending, the club is available to all grades. Let’s help women in our school feel comfortable in themselves!


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