The King Kast bait casting reel is a great option for someone who wants an affordable and reliable bait casting reel.

The King Kast bait casting reel is a great option for someone who wants an affordable and reliable bait casting reel.

The Perfect Reel

When it comes to fishing, some say it’s all about the gear, and when it comes to reels, there are a plethora of options with no easy choice in sight. When beginning your search for a bass fishing reel, there are three standard options, the spin cast (push button reel), the spinning reel, and the bait caster reel. While all reels serve the same function, storing fishing line, they each have their strengths, weaknesses, and eases of use. 

For beginners, a push-button reel is an excellent option because it is really affordable, easy to cast, and reliable. To cast the push button, all you have to do is swing the rod forward and press the button to release the line and launch the reel. One example of a quality push-button reel is the Pflueger President Spincast Fishing Reel, this reel retails for $49.99, however, it is often on sale on Amazon. It is made of aluminum and minimal plastic Some cons are that it has a lower gear ratio of  3.1-1, making it harder to fish faster baits such as deep diving crankbaits and most jerk baits. Reece Crozier, a new angler described the ease of using a push-button reel. “All I have to do is swing my rod and press the button, then the lure flies out into the water, and I can begin to reel it in, it could not be more simple.”

If you are looking for a mid-upper skill-level reel, a spinning reel is an excellent option. A spinning reel has an exposed spool where the line is exposed, unlike the push button reel where the spool is covered. To cast a spinning reel, you flip up the bail, pinch the line against the rod with your thumb and index finger, and swing the rod, letting your finger offline as the lure flies out into the desired location. The Spinning reels have a large variety of gear ratios and sizes and are very simple to use. They are used by anglers who catch trout in the mountains and those who catch sharks in the sea. For the purpose of bass fishing, a 2000-3000 size is a good choice. When buying a spinning reel it is a good idea to pay more for better quality, otherwise, you may run into bail issues, spool issues, and possible corrosion. An excellent option at a $165 price point is the Abu Garcia Revo SX. It has a 6.2-1 gear ratio allowing you to fish faster baits than you would be able to fish with the push-button reel. 

The final reel choice for an experienced angler looking to spend money is the bait caster option. However, for those looking into the bait caster reel, there are a few points to consider for one they can be very pricy from $100-$700. In addition, there is the possibility of a backlash which experienced angler Thomas McKinney, who has been fishing for the past 11 years, described as “a backlash happens when you press the button and cast the lure but the spool spins faster than the line can come out so it becomes a large mess and impossible to untangle”. While some bait casters are prone to backlashes they do have many positives such as the highest gear ratios, larger line storage capacity, and the ability to fish larger/ heavier lures. For someone looking to purchase a bait caster Karal’s Bait and Tackle recommends the Lews Speed Spool which comes in at roughly $100. It is a durable reel with an aluminum frame, solid brass gearing, and an easily adjustable magnetic braking system. 

While there are lots of options when it comes to gear in the world of fishing it is important to not get caught up in what is new or what companies consider to be their best gear. To enjoy fishing you can have just as much fun fishing with a push-button reel as you would have fishing with a bait caster. It is important to remember that all reels serve the same purpose, to store line and aid in casting so pick what is best for you not what is considered popular. 


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