Fast Food Makes America Obese

Ashley Pyne, Student Writer

The average consumption of fast food has gone up rapidly in the past few years.Often times most Americans eat out rather than cooking in their own homes. Fast food tends to be cheaper and can be quick and easy. The portion sizes have gone up in the past years which leads to people eating more. Most people tend to overeat, and the quantity of fast food makes America obese.  It is not only the quantity of the food, but also what we eat. Some fast food restaurants are more healthful than others, and most restaurants offer a healthy option. Fast food is high in sodium, fat, cholesterol and calories. By eating too much it can put you at risk for high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease. Many people do not realize how many calories are in fast food. It is easy to forget how many calories when eating the food because it may taste good. One meal could potentially be as many calories as you should be eating in one day. Another issue with fast food making America obese is soda. When going to get fast food, people may be adding to the amount of calories they eat if they drink soda. In today’s world the ability to have fast food delivered right to your house does not help. You will not even need to leave the couch which could potentially result in weight gain. America is becoming obese because of fast food can be changed.  If Americans limit the amount they eat or choose what they eat wisely America will not have this problem.