12 Year Old Girl Prays To Walk Again

Jenna Lund, Staff Writer

As she laid on the wet green grass looking up at the blue sky she thought her life was over. The pain was piercing through her entire leg, but then it began to go numb and the next thing she remembered was waking up in a cold hospital room. She aroused quickly from the bed as her head was spinning, she tried to stand up, but she fell to the ground instantly. Her mother rushed over to her picking her up from the shoulders. “I can only remember my deadening cries as the doctor told me I may never be able to walk again.” She glanced at her foot, wrapped in cloth and her cries continued. This young girl was named Jordan Lund, age 12. She was in the middle of a soccer game, little did she know that was her last soccer game ever. “I don’t really remember the hit, I just remember the pain.”

It took two surgeries to get her foot fixed in the matter of one year. Her first surgery occurred at Grand View hospital in Bucks County, PA. The surgery took two hours, “the doctors had to put cadaver bones in my foot and screwed them all in.” She stated that she was very scared, but knew it had to be done. When she returned home from the surgery she stated, “The pain was immense, I never felt anything like it before.” The amount of pain was not right. Her mother, Karen Lund, stated, “My mother instincts knew something was wrong, so I took her to the hospital the next day.”  The next day the hospital was filled with anger as the “mommy bear” yelled at the surgeons as they stated, “We operated on your daughter’s foot wrong.” At this point the pain increased even more and blood began to leak from her cast. The mother rushed out of the room with her daughter and headed to Doylestown Hospital, PA. They got her in for a surgery as soon as they could. “I hated having to go back under, but my medicine wasn’t helping the pain.” This surgery took five hours, but the surgeons at Doylestown Hospital placed different cadaver bones in her foot and completed the operation correctly.

“The only question I asked after my surgery was if I could walk again.” The unpromising answer from the doctors didn’t help Jordan, but she knew she needed to fight through it. After her surgery Jordan was placed in physical therapy for around one and half years to try and help her walking. “It was like learning how to walk all over again, I hated it.” Jordan graduated from physical therapy thankfully being able to walk, well to the best of her ability. She could never play a sport again, “That was definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to hear” Jordan states.

“I’ve learned that I have to be very grateful for my abilities, because I thought I was never going to be able to walk again.”  Eight years later, Jordan is now twenty years old and her foot can still be an issue. She wears an ankle brace every day and walks with a noticeable limp. Even though she may never walk normal again, and she may always feel the pain in her foot, she learned to always be grateful for what she has, and she is extremely grateful for still being able to walk today.