A Complaining Tongue: Is it used too much?

Maddie Reim, Staff Writer

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Every day, people complain about something going on in their life, but have we come to a point where people are complaining too much?

    Psychologists suggest complaining may be a growing problem facing society today.  In their research, psychologists have found that complaining daily is unhealthy. Always complaining is extremely stressful, unattractive and irritating.  Steve Parton has revealed that when a person is negative and complaining, they trigger their stress hormone cortisol. This releases endorphin of stress, which in turn weakens the body’s immune system.

     Many people go through life forgetting what they have and complaining about what they don’t, which makes it hard to avoid complaints. However, this doesn’t have to be an everyday occurrence. Complaining can fall into one of three categories, active effective complaint, venting and ineffective complaint, and can alter how people view a complaint. If a person has purpose and is trying to stress a change that should be made, it is a justifiable complaint. Complaining through venting can vary between purposeful and annoying. If a person vents too much, it may be bothersome, however if they don’t vent too much, it is an okay thing to do. Ineffective complaining is when a person complains just to complain. It is irritating, repetitive, and it seems that nothing is ever good enough for the individual who has the complaint.

Psychologists say it is better to complain rather than to hold back one’s emotions and feelings, if it is done with purpose. In a small survey conducted through Pennridge High School, most students feel that they have complained about things just because they were frustrated at a situation. In that same survey, many of the students also felt that people complain too much about situations they can’t control.

     So, is complaining a growing issue, or is it something that shouldn’t be a concern?