TRX: The Only Workout You Need

Lizzie Faw, Staff Writer

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TRX is a form of suspension training using a strap hanging from a bar, that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

TRX has changed lives. Challenging classes that change every week. The moves go from working the shoulders, lats, abs, arms, legs and glutes. This workout will do it all. TRX is not only challenging, it is fun.

First appearing in 1997 when a navy seal commander Randy Hetrick created the first version of TRX using just a jitsu belt and parachute webbing. In 2005 TRX launched its first type of training course to instruct trainers on how to bring it to gyms everywhere. In 2006, TRX appeared in the international market. In 2009, only 4 years after being launched, TRX had over 1 million users in over 60 countries. With TRX, you are the weight or machine. Just by moving your feet closer or further from the anchor point, you make the exercise easier or harder.

TRX combines the weight of your body to accomplish the tasks. The difficulty of the exercises will leave you sweating and feeling good. It is good for all levels of experience. You may be working a specific muscle during an exercise, but your core is always engaged.

On the contrary, some people may say that you’re limited in the amount of weight that you can lift since it is based on your body weight. Also, they are not easy to have in your homes as the straps need a sturdy and reliable place to hang.

Regardless of the opinion that there are limitations, there are a lot of possibilities when doing these workouts. They can work many muscles in the body and there are modifications if you are looking for an easier or harder workout.