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Pennridge Women’s Soccer Team: Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Athletes

Kylie Christine
Pennridge Women’s Soccer team celebrating with the young fans after a game.

As little girls are growing up, they need strong, caring, and passionate women to look up to. For some girls, a princess is who they could want to be. For the little girls in the Pennridge community, the women’s soccer team is who they look up to, and the women’s soccer team thrives on the support the community has to offer. Little girls’ involvement with the Pennridge Women’s Soccer Team has taken over within the past few years. These young athletes can be found at almost every soccer game, regardless of weather or distance. Their dedication shows their true love for this sport to not only their teams but the Pennridge team as well. The girls were able to participate in the high school summer league and preseason practices. This gives the younger generation a huge boost of confidence. These girls are best known for their “Let’s Go Pennridge” and “Score a Goal” chants. After games end, the team invites the young girls into the locker room, where they can lead the team in the “I believe” chant.

Assistant Varsity Coach Jason Lollar explains the interactions between the players and coaches with the girls. Lollar says, “Before the game, the players go into the locker room. They’ll have a warm-up dance party before the game without coaches. There was very minimal interaction before the game. Young girls lead the group cheer in the locker room before the game.” The bond between the girls and players has become so strong that it is now inseparable. Both young and older players had the opportunity to send mail back and forth to each other throughout the sports season. At the end of the season, everyone went to the banquet and was allowed to give a speech. The Pennridge Women’s Soccer Team’s impact on these little girls is invaluable.

With female athletes gaining more respect in today’s sports world, little girls across the globe are watching and wanting to be like them. This is no exception for the little girls who watch the Lady Rams soccer team play. Adolescents have a set “expectation” of external beauty. These role models can help take that pressure off of these young girls and encourage them to get into a sport. Not only will this increase confidence, but it can also help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Not only are the younger girls influenced, but the older girls are also highly motivated by these girls. Athlete on the Pennridge Women’s Soccer Team Olivia Grenda speaks on how these young players motivate her. Grenda explains, “Having the young girls there reminds me of watching Pennridge soccer when I was their age. I remember thinking so highly of them, and I want to set a good example for them like they did for me. I play hard because I want them to see me working hard and to inspire them to be better.”

Female role models withstand stereotypes of what society believes a female body should look like. They are strong, which conveys to young girls that it is possible to have muscles and still be feminine. It shows young girls that the number on a scale does not define their value as a woman. The Pennridge Women’s Soccer Team continues to inspire the younger generation of girls to realize their true potential and develop skills and character, all while becoming more demanding of themselves and others.


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