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Meet Richard Hampson: An exciting and fun change to AP Environmental Science!

Tyler VanDerMark
Mr. Hampson in the front of his classroom.

Some classes at Pennridge intimidate students and AP Environmental Science is certainly one of them. Richard Hampson took over as the new teacher of this class and many of his students love the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement he brings. He does so by making his class a fun learning environment with hands-on activities and labs while always keeping students engaged for the best possible learning experience and outcome.

Hampson grew up in Michigan on the largest pig farm in the state. He attended Bloomsburg University for four years but has taken other classes and courses at many other schools including Candellsville, American College of Education, San Diego State, and Oregon State. Hampson did not originally plan to study teaching but was offered a free teaching degree from Bloomsburg.

He began his teaching career at Owen J. Roberts High School in Chester County, Pennsylvania before moving his career to Pennridge High School. Hampson came to Pennridge due to the long commute to Owen J. Roberts which was an hour drive each way for him. Pennridge being located only 15 minutes from his home saved him much time commuting. The energy Hampson brings has caused students to love him in only the few months he has been in his new school. William Howley, a Pennridge senior, believes Hampson’s energy helps him stay focused during class, “He just has a lot of energy and he likes to have fun. We can make jokes with him and talk to him like a normal person.” Howley believes this energy is helpful to keep him focused during class. “This also makes me have a lot more respect for him, which then leads me to feel more obligated to pay attention during his class.” Hampson’s teaching philosophy focuses on his students’ self-accountability and motivation to improve, “If they want to learn it, they will. If they don’t want to, they will probably just get by.”

Hampson has dealt with some serious injuries during his life that affect his daily routine. He starts his morning around 5 a.m. due to multiple traumatic brain injuries. These injuries allow him to only get around three hours of sleep every night. He also has memory loss due to several concussions, but he seems to never get tired. He has told his classes about these injuries and that although he gets a little sleep, he never gets tired and always brings a ton of energy to every class he teaches. Outside of school, Hampson also owns a food truck and has part ownership in a restaurant. He keeps the names of both private for safety reasons due to previous students making false reviews with the intent to hurt the business.

With the exciting and hands-on philosophy of his teaching, Hampson keeps kids learning constantly and makes the tough AP class a lot more engaging and fun. Hampson loves to teach and to be in the classroom and wants to make his class seem like a TV show. He does this so that students can get the maximum learning experience and benefits this class has to offer. Do not be hesitant to take AP Environmental Science because, with a teacher like Hampson, you will not want to miss out on this exciting and fun opportunity!


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Tyler VanDerMark, Grade 12. Interests/hobbies include flying planes, traveling, lacrosse, and watching NASCAR. Tyler will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to study Aeronautical Science and pursue a career in commercial aviation.

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