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Junior Prom at Pennridge High School

Allyson Ricciardi
The table in the Pennridge High School cafeteria is set up to sell the junior prom tickets.

With the third quarter coming to a close and the last quarter of the school year starting, prom season is upon us at Pennridge High School. This year, the Junior Prom is set for April 27 at Iocca Hall in Bethlehem, PA. The theme this year is “A Night in Ancient Greece.” The unique theme has been received mostly positively by students. Every year, a common topic of conversation is attire worn for proms. This year, along with previous ones, Pennridge has created a prom page to post dresses called @pennridge25juniorprom on Instagram.

A Night in Ancient Greece isn’t one of the first things you think of when imagining a prom theme. However, students like the unique and new idea. Students like Gracie Hass, a junior on the Executive Council who is responsible for making the theme and decorations for events like prom, loves the theme. She stated, “In my opinion, I really like the Ancient Greece theme for Prom. I think it is something different from “common” themes. The decorations are simple yet classy and elegant. I think that others have had the same thoughts on it as I have. Everyone seems to be liking the aesthetic and decorations, so hopefully, people like it.”

Loving the theme and atmosphere of prom is always a bonus; however, many students don’t consider the theme when deciding if they want to attend prom. Evie Rindone, a junior at Pennridge High School, mentioned the theme wasn’t a factor in her decision not to attend the prom. She stated, “No, the theme had nothing to do with my decision to not go to prom. I don’t know anyone who has ever based their dress or their decision to go to prom on the theme; it’s just for pictures. I think the theme is nice and matches the venue, and I always appreciate a classic silhouette that goes along with ancient Greek themes.” Despite her appreciation for the theme, she still decided not to attend the prom, showing that although the theme was mostly well received, some students still decided not to attend prom.

One of the most exciting parts of prom that sets it apart from other school dances is the attire worn. Students get the chance to dress up in beautiful dresses and tuxedos. The dresses range from bright and sparkly to classy and satin. All colors and styles are seen in the attire at prom, and students can express themselves as they choose with their dress or tuxedo to feel beautiful/handsome for the night ahead. Focusing on prom dresses, the popular places that many students reported getting their prom dresses from were All Things Prom in Quakertown, Country Bride and Gent, Landsdale and Windsor in Willow Grove, and King of Prussia. Finding a dress is exciting yet stressful. Hass described her experience: “I got my dress from Country Bride and Gent in Lansdale. The decision process was pretty overwhelming because I had no idea what I was looking for. I didn’t know what color or style I wanted; However, the employees were so sweet, and they made sure to make you feel good. Ultimately, I chose my dress because I felt the most comfortable in it, and it is my favorite color.” This is a problem many students looking for a prom dress can relate to. Dresses featured on the Instagram page vary in style and color, but the most popular colors are red and blue. For students wearing suits, black was reported to be the most popular suit color according to a survey of Pennridge High School juniors. According to the same poll, renting a suit is more popular than buying them, and Mens Wearhouse was the most favored place to purchase/rent suits from.

The junior prom tickets began selling on March 18th and will continue to sell through April 26th. The tickets can be purchased at lunch or before and after school in Mrs. Grimshaw’s room (372), a teacher at Pennridge High School. The tickets are $65, which covers the cost of one student’s admission, food/drinks provided at the dance, a photo booth, and a class gift. Pennridge High School hopes to see you at the Junior Prom in April!


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