Students Are More Than A Score

From elementary school up to graduate school, students’ knowledge is tested by choosing a letter, filling in the bubbles, having a machine analyze their choices, and returning a score. According to College Board, the scores are said to represent what they know or show if they are prepared for the next level. Standardized tests, such as the SAT, are very familiar stressors in the lives of those who seek higher levels of education leaving high school.  However, these tests are not exclusive indicators of true intelligence and capabilities of students.


Most colleges and Universities in the United States place a strong emphasis on an applicant’s SAT score for admittance as they believe it reflects their intelligence and demonstrates their readiness for college. Universities place a higher value on such test scores by viewing them as a better tool to determine admissions as opposed to a student’s grade point average. Their justification is that the SAT is a standardized test that compares a student with all students across the country. A student’s GPA only compares the student with other classmates from within their own high school.


Placing such an emphasis on a four-hour test has limited institutions from recognizing the potential of an individual who may have much more to offer than their ability to score well in Math, English and Writing. Work ethic, motivation, enthusiasm, character, personality, and integrity are not represented in a test score. Students may also possess special talents in the arts and athletics that likewise are not exemplified within a standardized exam.


In recent years, there has been a shift in the mindset of colleges and universities who no longer require applicants to submit test scores. According to a study constructed by NPR, there are currently over 1000 institutions implementing this policy and more are likely to follow suit. This clearly supports the argument that there is much more to an individual’s potential to be successful in their studies than a standardized test.


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