Go Wild for Wawa

Ally Scarborough, Journalism Student

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On a hot summer’s day, a nice cream smoothie, or brewed iced tea from Wawa will really quench your thirst. From their endless options of sandwiches to their wide variety of snacks, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy! Wawa cares for their customers by supplying different food options for different diet lifestyles. Vegetarians can grab the egg white breakfast sandwich on rye with any other options that suit their taste. Some people

may say that Wawa does not have any healthy options for young growing teenagers, but that is not the case. They have many protein enriched options and even hard boiled eggs! Salads, wraps, soups, Wawa has it all! Better yet, grab a coffee and a sandwich to go and head off to your next destination. Before a sports game, students could stop by at Wawa to grab some snacks or even a whole meal to help them stay up late to study for tomorrow’s upcoming tests. Many students, considerably seniors, may need an extra jump in their step to boost their motivation during the school week. Pennridge High School has had many contests where the winner receives a random dollar amount gift card to Wawa. These little contests boost the motivation of many students and helps them to fuel their brain and their stomachs. The food is always fresh and the service is always outstanding! Employees follow strict guidelines and always puts the customers first. Brandon Lindquist, employee at the Dublin, Wawa, when asked about his job he replied, “ [There are] Nice people to work with, interesting customers, and [we have] the best coffee!” Don’t like coffee? They have milkshakes, sodas, water, drinks, and even smoothies! There’s something for the coffee lover in your life. Whether it’s hot or cold, Wawa has it. Wanna test this theory? Head to the closest Wawa to you and go wild for Wawa!

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