Art Helps the Mind Grow

Amber Kane, Student Writer

In the past few years, more and more schools have decided to cut art programs entirely out of their schooling systems. If not cut out entirely, they would at least cut the funding for the curriculum. A lot of school administrators don’t seem to know and understand the benefits to having art programs available for their students.

Some people believe art programs in schools are unnecessary or a waste of time. They think that not everyone wants to take an art related class or that the students’ time can be better spent. Teachers believe students don’t need art, that it won’t be helpful in the real world, so why bother?

Art programs have been found to have a handful of developmental benefits. “It would be a travesty, a terrible decision. Research has proven that students engaged in an art program have better enrollment in school, do better on standardized tests, and have a higher academic achievement in general”, says Sarah Moos, Pennridge art department coordinator. Some of these benefits are an increase in motor skills, language development, visual learning, cultural awareness, inventiveness, and overall an improved academic performance. Students that are involved in the art program were also found to have an increased self-confidence and even self- understanding.

Art students are also seemingly more open minded with a growth in their general mindset. The growth in their mindset is seen by teachers setting expectations and goals for the students. The students have to make a correlation between the work done and the results expected of them. Students can begin to shift their motivation. The shift in motivation allows for a more sustainable and healthier environment.

Pennridge art student, Abby Kim, was asked for her opinion on cutting art programs out of schools. “I don’t think schools should cut out art programs because art gives the ability for students to think creatively and express themselves. Without art, there would not be color or design in this world. Freedom of expression is important in society today and if schools did not have art programs, there would not be this freedom”, says Kim.

Another benefit from art programs is it allows students to attain more efficient communication skills. It allows for more successful human beings in general but as well as more successful students. Art allows people to express themselves freely, de-stress, and be creative in their own unique way. It allows them to be their own individual and stand out.