Avengers Comes to a Timely End

Emma George, Staff Writer

Avengers Endgame is coming out and fans of all ages are waiting with excitement to see how the series will wrap up. With anticipation, three trailers for the movie have come out, each revealing a little more than the last. Speculations have come up as to how the movie will end. The movie is the second part of the Avengers: Infinity War, which came out almost a year ago, and fans have been patiently waiting.

In this final film, all characters from Marvel come together from 10 years of movies.

It all started with Iron Man and the first movies. Marvel was first started with the comics years ago and was eventually brought to the big screen. Older fans grew up reading the comic books and imagining the voices and the action. With the stories coming to the big screen, they were able to finally see the characters come to life. With this final movie, it wraps up many people’s childhoods. Fans and experts of the Marvel universe say that this is a great task Marvel has taken on and there probably will not be another movie like it for the next 10 years to come. It has not been confirmed, but many Marvel watchers believe this to be the final battle. Frank Mueller thinks the marvel cinematic universe has “taken drastic twists and turns so this final outcome is bound to be an incredible one”. Many Marvel fans have pre-ordered their ticket for the movie making it the fastest selling movie ever through Fandango’s records. It broke the record that Star Wars: The Force Awakens previously held. Along with Fandango’s tracking of ticket sales, Regal Cinemas says that Avengers Endgame is outpacing every other Marvel movie. Mueller who has been an a “avid fan since childhood like many others, so I made sure to purchase tickets well in advance to the opening date”.

Fans of all ages have been looking forward to this movie since the start of the series. Pennridge student and super fan, Trijal Kaistha, says that, “These movies are a part of me, so I would expect there to be a big payoff from the last 22 some movies for a true devoted fan like me.” Super fans like Trijal Kaistha have been awaiting this movie for years in hopes that it wraps up the series and brings light to unanswered questions.