Sheetz v. Wawa, An Ongoing Debate

Lizzie Faw, Journalism Student

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A big debate that comes up a lot around Pennsylvania and the surrounding states is: Sheetz or Wawa. With both of them being similar convenience stores, selling similar products, you can see why people debate over which is better. Selling gas, coffee, a mix of food and specialty drinks, it’s your one-stop-shops for on the go purposes or a quick bite to eat. The question is still up in the air though, which is better?

Sheetz has more than 500 locations in six states. There is a variety of food as well. There is a dining area where you can sit and enjoy your food if you’re not in a hurry. Sheetz has 150 food items and many items to choose from. Sheetz asks you whether or not you would want fries on your sandwich. Sheetz offers less healthy options with an option for fried and greasy food. Wawa has more than 720 locations in six states on the east coast. There are a variety of food options that you can customize to make your own or just grab and go with the premade sandwiches and salads. Whatever you are in the mood for, Wawa has got you covered. The prices are reasonable and your sandwiches are made fresh right in front of your eyes. With over 185 food items to choose from, your choices are endless. Wawa offers a month-long celebration for the hoagies, known as Hoagiefest. Deals and steals on your favorite classic hoagie, this year starting on June 24, 2019. Wawa has a number of deal days, free coffee on Wednesdays in July, free coffee on national coffee day, hoagie fest deals, discount coupons, etc. Two seniors at Pennridge High School were asked which convenience store they preferred. Wawa was a popular decision among the both of them. Megan Velez states, “I like wawa because I know it better.” Caitlin Iannetta was asked the same question, her response was, “I like it better because I’ve been there more, It’s closer and more convenient.” Despite the ongoing debate about which convenience store is better, Sheetz and Wawa both offer similar products and convenient prices that people rave about.