Quarantine Treats — For Your Dog!

During quarantine, we are all indulging in our favorite baked goods and snacks. But what about your furry friend? No worries! There’s a new company on the block, Saint Rocco’s Treats! They offer “fresh dog treats straight from our ovens to your front door”. What better way to spoil your pet?! Saint Rocco’s Treats brings game changing treats to your dog. I treated my dog with the “Red Meat Treats” and “Chicken Pickens” dog treats that they had! Rockie fell in love with them! After I had given him the first stick, he was already begging for more and every time I opened the bag, his tail went a mile a minute. I will definitely be making another purchase in the near future from them!

Saint Rocco’s Treats is co-founded by Kaleb and Kolby Rush. Kaleb is a 2019 Pennridge graduate and Kolby is a 2017 Pennridge graduate. Both brothers learned about the dog treat business from their father. They worked for Prime Packing company which helped manufacture dog treats.

Both learned the ins and outs about the dog treat production and baking process. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Kaleb and Kolby lost their internship opportunities. However, fortunately, they solved that problem by creating Saint Rocco’s Treats business! The ingredients are stated and shown for every product you plan to purchase.

You can support Saint Rocco’s Treats by spoiling your puppy with their delicious treats! A fun fact about their business is for every pound of treats that you buy, they donate $1 to their local animal shelter. Not only are you spoiling your furry friends, you’re supporting a community’s small business during a tough time plus they give back to local animal shelters. Please go check out their business and get your pup some treats at https://www.saintroccostreats.shop/shop.