On My Block: Worth a Watch?

Justin Tuttle, Student Writer

Over the past decade Netflix has reshaped the world of entertainment with its vast lineup of original shows. With the eyes of millions criticizing their every move Netflix’s writers must work hard to please. On March 16, 2018, Netflix released the first episode of On My Block: a show which follows a group of friends in the inner city of south west LA as they navigate their way through high school. The show has since received a 91 percent average viewer rating, and a 95 percent critic rating on rotten tomatoes. With ratings so high what makes On My Block stand out?

First and foremost, On My Block highlights the lives of teens within underrepresented communities. The show gives viewers a window into inner city life allowing them to explore the struggles teenager’s experience in a different environment. In an interview, Pennridge High School student Tori Hernandez stated in reference to the violence surrounding the show’s characters, “When you aren’t consistently exposed to it like these kids are, you can’t understand how life adapts to circumstances that seem scary.” On My Block is able to reshape how viewers look at city life in respect to teens. It offers an approachable format not only for entertainment, but for viewers to inform themselves about the struggles present within other communities. 

As far as story quality goes On My Block seems like a solid choice. Many shows suffer by focusing to tightly on the main character. Secondary characters can begin to feel under developed, and insignificant in comparison. This can lead to a shallow, and illegitimate feeling to the world a show portrays. For a show like On My Block to be successful it is important for the environment to feel real. In an interview, Pennridge high school student Sam Brauer stated what she thought of the show’s writing saying, “Each season has what feels like its main mission and each character’s part is well illustrated. Each of their personal stories feel equally relevant to each other’s and gives you a good impression of them.” From Brauer’s perspective, it is clear that On My Block has avoided the pitfall of countless other shows. This, along with its high reviews, virtually guarantees an interesting, and immersive story.

Overall, On My Block definitely presents a convincing case. It boasts excellent reviews from viewers and critics alike, and touches on current and relevant subject matter. Not only does it promise an immersive story, but also an educational opportunity to understand the experiences of those living in harsh inner-city environments. Without a doubt On My Block is worth a try. With the recent announcement of the show’s renewal for its fourth and final season, it is seems like a perfect time to jump onboard.