New Life For Dublin Community

The Square Gives New Interests for Local people and Businesses

Dublin may seem like just another small town in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, however, it is much more than that. Dublin Town Centre’s investment groups are seeking to restore the heart of Dublin through a renovation with the introduction of The Square.

The Square originated as part of a vision of a ten-year comprehensive plan. The Dublin Town Center purchased land required to bring their ideas to fruition, which led to the birth of The Square in the heart of Dublin. Briefly afterward, local businesses swiftly purchased leases of office or space for food leading to the number of leases diminished. Although there are no further plans of expansion for the Dublin community, this doesn’t mean there aren’t further plans to promote activities that interest the community within The Square. The Dublin Town Center plans to host seasonal events amongst other activities to allow it to remain a year-round local hotspot.

The Dublin Town Center Building, located on 123 N. Main St. Dublin, Pennsylvania, started out as a pants factory. Over the years this beautiful, historic building has been the incubator for small businesses. However, with help from community members, this building is now becoming a community hub in which all can enjoy. The hub, now called The Square, includes local restaurants and vendors, dessert shops, small businesses, and much more! Although Dublin may appear to be a bizarre town to renovate with attractions due to its small area, the location is perfect for attracting local businesses to lease and customers to reap the benefits. Former Bucks County Commissioner Robert G. Loughery adds, “It has a great location being that it’s located on Route 313 and it directly feeds into multiple towns including Quakertown, Doylestown, and Perkasie.”

Although this hub demonstrates many aspects to look forward to, there is still a concern with its opening, traffic. The Dublin Town Center installed housing expansions directly behind The Square, giving its residents easy access to the amenities of food and beverages among other things. This expansion intends to not only benefit the local businesses, but also the community of Dublin. Though this expansion looks promising for the community, this may create too much traffic specifically during rush hour. With only one main road through Dublin, being Route 313, it may prove more difficult for customers to get to The Square when many people access the road to get home. This could also apply both ways because if many people are en route to The Square, people using Route 313 to get home will have a more difficult time doing so. “The only criticism received about The Square was for traffic on 313, but we have yet to see that be too much of a factor”, added former Bucks County Commissioner Robert G. Loughery.

All in all, The Square appears to be a new successful attraction for the Dublin community. People now have the opportunity to enjoy food, drinks, and explore any other businesses of interest. Local businesses also found office space to continue to grow and expand. The location of it will draw interest from other neighboring towns due to its ease of access, and this renovation has successfully sparked new life for the Dublin community.