An Unexpected Way to Relax: Scent and Sip

The central area of Scent and Sip where custom products are made; 3/09/22

Scent and Sip has been a female-owned business since 2016, located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, that specializes in custom making of a variety of home care and personal items. These items range from candles, home fragrances, to even pet shampoo! The foundational morals of this store are bringing people together for a good time and being able to dive into your creative side through some art therapy.

Appointments are required in advance, although there is a fee if you do not cancel within 24 hours. They are 1 hour-long sessions. A session starts by being met with over 150 different fragrances to choose from. You have your pick of what you would like to make, whether that be a candle, perfume, or shower gel. All the affordable prices are clearly listed on their website. After choosing the products you would like to make and the scents you want to go along with them, you will sit down to blend the scents and make the perfect combinations. The workers will walk you through the process of creating your lifestyle product, while you get to enjoy time well spent relaxing with your friends.

Jen Burnley, the founder of Scent and Sip is a friendly face you will see every time you walk into the store. She is proud of her accomplishments and success in the business, but her favorite part is meeting the people. She would describe her store as “a smelly workshop, a place where you can create your perfect smells and put them into a whole bunch of different lifestyle products”. What makes her shop stand out from others is the fact that it is so unique and there is nothing like it.

An overwhelming amount of people enjoy the process that Scent and Sip provides. Sierra Shaeffer, a Pennridge High School senior, took a trip there a couple of years ago and she raves about her experience. “I remember being really surprised about how nice it was since I hadn’t heard about it before going” Shaeffer exclaims. She reflected on her time there with positivity and had nothing negative to say.

Scent and Sip is the perfect activity to do for all ages. Burnley recommends her store because it “appeals to multi-generational groups which are hard to find”. Shaeffer agrees with this saying “it is really fit for everyone, they have products anyone can use”. If you are ever looking for a date night, rainy day, or party activity, Scent and Sip is a great option for everyone.

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