Come Meet your Fitness Goals at Revolve Fitness!

Luke Thomas, Trainer at Revolve Fitness

There are many gyms out there. Looking for one can be intimidating, especially today with how popular going to the gym is. People wanting to build confidence and be healthy is great, but with it almost being a trend, it leads to a lot of social pressure and can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re in need of a gym, look no further. Revolve Fitness, located at 440 Town Center, New Britain, PA, is for you!

Other common gyms like Planet Fitness have a lot to offer, including various exercise machines and equipment along with a special perks membership that includes unlimited privileges like massage chairs and tanning booths, but Revolve brings a more personal feel. Planet fitness is pretty common for the general community as it is a chain fitness club and usually has a heavy attendance. With that said, you may find yourself waiting for a machine that stops your momentum. Revolve won’t keep you waiting. A place like Planet Fitness may not be the right environment for someone who is just starting. It may be a little overwhelming. A basic membership to Planet Fitness is $10 a month. Revolve Fitness has the same going rate for high school students. With that said, a high school student pays the same amount for an overall great experience!

Revolve offers various classes, including yoga, kickboxing, abs and toning, a spin class that is an aerobic workout using stationary bikes, body power, and piloting! They have every piece of equipment you can think of, including incline benches, chest machines, ab wheel, glute machines, box jumps, various weight plate options, and the list goes on! There is something for everyone to fit their fitness goals. Luke Thomas, a personal trainer at Revolve, talks about how the gym’s atmosphere is different from other gyms. “There’s a friendly, non-judgmental aspect to the gym. You shouldn’t feel scared walking in the doors,” Thomas states. Revolve communication is excellent. They have a social media manager that is always very responsive, and their communication is on point by keeping the people up to date on Revolve announcements. “Revolve is owned by, and entirely staffed by, members of our community. We also pride ourselves on maintaining excellent customer service. We often look for ways to improve by asking for member feedback and then act upon the members’ suggestions. Whether it is different types of attachments for the cable machines, group fitness classes, or even the layout configuration, we take into consideration what makes our members happy and try our best to accommodate accordingly”, said the social media manager. The professional who runs the socials talks about what is available for beginners at Revolve, including group fitness classes and a free half an hour personal training session for people who sign up for a membership. This helps people out a ton when they’re just starting out with fitness; they can ask questions and get assistance with what’s available at Revolve. The instructors are super intentional, helpful, and very knowledgeable on how to make modifications where needed so a class or person feels comfortable.

Come to Revolve Fitness, you won’t be disappointed! Whether you are young as 12 or as old as 89, Revolve Fitness has something for everyone.