What are ways to make the most of my study time, so that I am studying smarter and not overworking myself?

Penny, Staff Writer

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Dear Penny,

What are ways to make the most of my study time, so that I am studying smarter and not overworking myself?

~ Studious Sarah




Dear Studious Sarah,

Studying is something that a lot of people don’t do because they do not know how to maximize their time. It is important to study smart because you want to make sure that you retain the information that you’re trying to learn. In most classes, it’s important to understand the information that you’re studying, instead of just memorizing and forgetting. To retain the information, try studying a little bit each night, instead of just before the night before. When you study a little bit each night, you will learn what you are studying instead of just memorizing it for a test. This will also help when it is time to take midterms and finals. If you study this way, you will recall some of the information easier than if you had just studied it once before the test. Depending on what you are studying, the best ways to study can be flashcards or practice problems. If you are studying terms, use Quizlet or make your own flashcards. There are different learning modes in Quizlet that can help you learn the information that you are trying to study. The most useful modes are the flashcard mode and also the new learning mode. The new learning mode tests you on the words until you can recall them and know them. Through the use of practice problems, you will be able to use the information that you learned and apply it to similar problems that you might be presented with in the future. Good luck studying and remember always try to learn, not just memorize!


Best of luck!

~ Penny


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