When’s the Right Time to Start Wearing Your Winter Apparel?

India Kettle


Although every year is different when it comes to the temperature, it seems mid-October is when the warm weather ceases to exist and the chilly weather begins. At some point the temperature drops low, and everyone has their own opinion of what cold is. So, when is the right time to start wearing your winter outerwear?


Some can put up with the fall breezes and still will rock a short dress and light jacket. Others have on a winter jacket as soon they get goosebumps.  In the month of November here in Perkasie where it averages a high of 54 degrees and low of 34 degrees, a lot of students appear comfortable with just a light jacket or hoodie. Freezing is 32 degrees Fahrenheit and early in the morning when students wake up for school it is that and below. You would think that they would want to put on a winter coat. “Some people run hot and other run cold,” says Woody Blackford, vice president of global design for Columbia sportswear. “There are other factors, too, like how active you are. You need a different jacket to stand at the bus stop every day than you do to go out running.”


Teenagers may not want to drag around their coat with them all day, or they maybe just don’t want to ruin their outfit but, winter clothing is your single most important thing to keep you warm during cold weather. It’s essential to dress in loose-fitting layers, which trap heat easily and allow you to adjust clothing as your activities change throughout the day. A poll was taken and 27.33 percent they would start wearing their winter coat at 32 degrees to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. 26 percent said they’d start wearing it at 41 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if there is a right time to start wearing winter apparel it all depends on the individual person.