The Amazing Escape Room in Montgomeryville

Escape Rooms for the Family


Phoebe Koomson

General Manager, Nat Witchsi, in the Lost Teddy escape room.

Most are familiar with the concept of escape rooms, but it’s easy to remain oblivious to the local options; those who still need to test the waters may be even less aware of what to do. The Amazing Escape Room franchise has recently opened a new building in nearby Montgomeryville, which has five escape rooms available to customers, with one in the building and testing stage for the future. The available rooms are Lost Teddy, Da Vinci’s Office, Lab, The Candy Shop, and Santa’s Workshop.

Lost Teddy is the most beginner and family-friendly of the available escape rooms; it’s recommended for kids between the ages of eight and 12, and only takes half an hour to complete. While it is a room that welcomes younger participants, it’s also simple enough for adults to use as a means to test the waters of escape rooms. The story for the Lost Teddy room is that the participants are babysitting a young boy who has lost the teddy bear he needs to sleep, and the participants need to find it before the parents come home to find their son wide awake well past his bedtime. Upon entering the brightly colored playroom, participants begin the thirty minutes to find the toy; The participants need to explicitly ask for hints to receive any instruction or guidance during the escape room. Due to its simple nature, the Lost Teddy has a linear set of puzzles with a definitive start and a definitive end. It may be a child-friendly escape room because of this basic progression, but it can be a challenge to complete, and some adult participants have failed this particular escape room in the past.

For those interested in the Lost Teddy escape room or one of the more challenging escape rooms that the Amazing Escape Room locations have to offer, there are some things to keep in mind. It’s recommended to pay attention to which day you book your experience. According to Nat Witschi, General Manager at the Montgomeryville location, the best time to play in one of their escape rooms is on weekdays because the place is “busy on weekends … not busy during weekdays,” if you’d prefer more space in the waiting room and a less preoccupied staff. If prospective participants are already familiar with escape rooms or simply want more of a challenge than the Lost Teddy can offer, staff at the Montgomeryville location have a few suggestions. Max Tursi, the Assistant General Manager, describes the room Da Vicni’s Office as his favorite. “I like the aesthetic the most,” he explained. Witschi identified the Candy Shop as his favorite, stating, “It has the most variety of puzzles,” in reference to the room’s use of both physical and digital puzzles. He adds, ”It’s the least linear … it’s pretty difficult.”

If the rooms currently available to the public don’t interest prospective participants, or you have a particular affinity for intergalactic travel in your spare time, the Amazing Escape Room, including its Montgomeryville location, will open a space-themed room to the public in the near future. This room will feature a sci-fi scenario, environment, and exclusively electronic puzzles. For those interested in attending, the Lost Teddy costs $20 per participant, and all others are $32 per participant. If you have a free hour and an extra $35 to spare for tickets, snacks, and souvenirs, a visit may be a fun way to spend your free time. Perhaps even bring some friends along and marvel at how surprisingly difficult it is to find a mischievous little boy’s lost plushie.