Re:new Bible Church Expands Further Into the Community


Brock Denlinger

Photos of what the Building Project should look like.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Re:new Bible Church of Perkasie located on fifth street. has grown exponentially. From this growth, there have been several opportunities to expand and return to the roots of where the church began. One of the most obvious needs is to expand the on-campus facilities. The current church service is held in Victory Hall, which can hold 600. However, Re:new has quickly outgrown the current maximum capacity. In response to the current situation, Re:new chose to continue holding services in Victory Hall while starting a building project to add 300 stadium seats in the back of the auditorium. The building project at Re:new also includes renovating the nurseries and lobbies and getting upgrades in their technology.

Before the building project began, the nurseries became extremely crowded and in need of an update. With the upgrades, there will be more room and up-to-date rooms for children’s ministry. “Construction started in 2022 and should be completed by the summer of 2023,” according to Jeff Weise, a deacon at Re:new Bible Church of Perkasie. In the meantime, Re:new has started to have overflow rooms which consist of Auditorium B and The Mezzanine. In addition to the building project, Re:new Bible Church recently purchased an old chapel located on fourth and Arch Streets in downtown Perkasie where the church actually originated back in 1898. There were a few motives for purchasing the building, including that it is a large part of the church’s history.  Another of which is that it’s where the church began, and it’s a large piece of the history of the church. Another one of the larger motives for purchasing this chapel was that there is a parsonage right next to the original building. This parsonage would be a great fit for Adam Mellor, the chaplain of Re:vivals Outreach Center, and his family.

Re:vivals is the community outreach organization that the church purchased back in 2017. Re:vivals helps to connect people in Perkasie and support those in need. It has provided food, clothing, shelter, and other resources to thousands of people. Mellor said “we are excited to be in this community that we love. Our goal through Re:new Bible Church and Re:vivals Outreach Center is to build relationships in the community and develop plans to help meet the needs that we see. We believe God has called us to love our community, and if we truly love our community, we will do our best to assess the needs and create plans to help as best we can.” Currently, Re:new does not know what exactly they will do with the building. However, Mellor said, “We want to know the needs of that community and develop a plan of how we can best meet them using that location.” He also said, “As far as renovations are concerned, we will be making some fixes. They are determined by a few factors. How the building will be used is an obvious factor, as well as the overall cost to fix it up. We love the history of the building, so that will factor into any changes made as well.” Re:new Bible Church hopes to continue to grow throughout the community in various ways and continue to help those in need in the community primarily through the new building project and the purchase of the chapel that started it all.