Outer Banks Season 3: Poguelandia

**Spoiler Alert**


Matt Campione

Matt watching Outer Banks Season 3.

The previous seasons of Outer Banks met and exceeded all expectations and became a fan favorite. The newest season of Outer Banks (season three) plans to do the same. The previous seasons gave way to a main audience of teenagers and kids, but it also has many adults and young adults invested in what might happen in season three. The two previous seasons consisted of a constant clash between two opposite sides of the island in a quest for the treasure of the Royal Merchant. The Pogues (John B, JJ, Kiara, Pope, and Cleo) are considered to be on the poor side of the island and are classified as low in the social class and desperate to start a new beginning. The Kooks (Ward, Rafe, and Topper) are known for being wealthy, and most of them have grown up spoiled. The only character we see switch from Kook to Pogue in the first two seasons is Sarah Cameron who falls in love with John B and helps the Pogues continue their quest for the gold.

Season three begins with the Pogues stranded on the island they arrive on at the end of season two. They have been stuck on this island for a month together living the “Pogue life” until a plane arrives saying that many people have been looking for them. The pilot claims just to be flying a fishing plane. On the flight to Guatelope, JJ begins to notice that the Pilot seems to be lying about being a fisherman and a fight breaks out, causing the plane to crash in the water off of Gautelope and leaving the Pogues to split. Kiara is then captured by Singh, who basically owns the island and is in search of the great city of El Dorado. Along with Kiara, Singh captures Rafe Cameron hoping to find a diary leading him to El Dorado. Kiara and Rafe who are enemies back home at the Outer Banks work together to get away from Singh and Kiara reunites with the Pogues. As the Pogues are ready to leave the island, John B separates them again in search of his dad, who many believed had been dead for two years. John B and his dad reunite as they stop at an antique shop before leaving the island and find what could be a crucial clue in the search for El Dorado.

The two arrive back at Outer Banks, and Sarah meets up with John B as the other Pogues reunite with their families who are pleased to see them alive. Big John makes it clear that he does not trust Sarah as just he and John B search for the diary that could lead them to El Dorado. On this search, they run into two guys that Big John kills leaving John B in shock. Meanwhile, the other Pogues have a plan to get the golden cross back from the previous season. This plan fails, and the Pogues do not get the cross back. In the process, JJ is almost killed in a police chase. At the same time, John B and Big John move one step closer to the treasure at El Dorado. As Big John and John B continue their search alone (Big John is skeptical of the Pogues), Big John is captured by Singh, and John B’s focus shifts to getting his father back. JJ and John B form a plan that involves all of the Pogues going to Venezuela to get big John back. Behind John B’s back, Sarah cheats on him with her ex-boyfriend Topper, which creates an obvious divide between the two. In an attempt to get John B back, she tells him that she can help them get to South America which she does through her dad’s (Ward) plane.

Ward must ride the plane with them because it is his, and the Pogues agree to get Big John. As they are ready to leave, Kiara is missing in which JJ takes it as his responsibility to go find her. Her parents shipped her off to an overnight camp where JJ rescues her and the two kiss for the first time. As the Pogues are on their way to South America, JJ and Kiara get a ride from an old friend of JJ’s dad as they again reunite with the others. John B and Sarah find big John as the three make their way to the city of El Dorado. Ward, who has snuck onto the boat, accompanies them, claiming he just wants to protect his daughter Sarah. He appears to keep his word as he lets the three go up the mountain on their search. The group runs into Singh, but they are able to escape and using clues find El Dorado. On their way back out with the gold, they fight off Singh leaving him stuck in the cave. The three are threatened by one of Singh’s men, but Ward saves them tackling the guy off the cliff leading to both of them dying. Big John also dies on the voyage back as he was shot. The Pogues are left with one final mission that we will see in season four.

Overall this season was given a 70 percent audience score (Fandango), indicating that most fans have enjoyed this season. Many of the reviews focused on the suspense of the article as well as the constant adventure that gives way to a potential season four. Along with the good, there was some negativity in the ratings about how the Pogues were always split up. Pennridge High School student Kaetlyn Bridgeman negatively said, “I think the other seasons were a lot better. Season three did not focus enough on the main characters.” In contrast to this, Lauren Moylan explained “I love the suspense they leave you with at the end of each episode, and I am hoping to see another adventure in season four.” While there were some negatives, most of the reviews were positive and focused on season four of Outer Banks.