An Effort to Stop Childhood Cancer: Pennridge Mini-THON


Chase Fisher

Matt Campione and Treasurer Aiden Crozier

Pennridge Mini-THON is a subgroup of the Penn State childhood cancer fundraiser known as THON. THON is a group devoted to enhancing the research and lives of families that deal with childhood cancer. As a group, THON provides emotional and financial support to families struggling through a very difficult time in their lives. This organization is a completely student-run organization that devotes all of its money to those who are impacted.

Furthermore, at Pennridge High School, Mini-THON is advised by both David Brown and Angela Schoettle. The student officers heavily involved in Mini-THON include Aiden Crozier, Isabella White, Avani Kallur, and Alexa Stachel. In addition to these officers, 140 students at Pennridge are volunteer members that contribute their time and effort to event planning, corporate sponsorships, the line dance, and school spirit events. Last year’s Mini-THON ran from 2:30 – 9:30 p.m. and consisted of games and events as well as dances, all in an effort to raise money for childhood cancer. Last year alone, Mini-THON raised nearly $40,000. Over the past six years at Pennridge High School, Mini-THON has raised $248,000. Aidan Crozier, treasurer and officer of Mini-THON, said, “Covid definitely impacted THON as well as Mini-THON here at the high school. I think raising the money we have since is amazing, and the goal is to only go up from here.” Crozier also thanked all sponsors that support Mini-THON throughout the year, including JT Bankers and Univest Bank, both of which are gold sponsors.

Although Mini-THON at Pennridge has produced a lot of success, there is always room for improvement and growth in their work and how much money they earn. In 2023, the main event falls on May 20. Although the date is approaching soon, members and officers are not anxious about what to do as they have been preparing for this date all year. With events that high school kids, as well as other kids in the community, can participate in, Pennridge looks to reach its goal of raising more than $40,000 this year. Mini THON member, Zach Klepeiss, said, “We were so close to breaking $40,000 last year, so we would ideally love to do it this year. We will continue to run our games and work our fundraisers in order to do so.” Some events that Mini-THON has put together over the past school year include the Ball for a Cause basketball game and the gold out football game. In an effort to raise money, t-shirts are sold for $10 as the theme for the week, and some of the money spent on tickets is given to Mini-THON. As well as raising money, these events help spread awareness for childhood cancer and help show what Mini-THON is trying to do in an effort towards a good cause. This year alone, participants of Pennridge Mini-THON have joined nearly 90,000 students across the country in an effort to help conquer childhood cancer. As a Pennridge community member, make sure you show your support throughout the school year.