Why You Should Go to Disney


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Castle in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World has been a part of America’s culture for over 50 years. It was created to be a joy-filled experience for people of all ages and has been fulfilling that expectation since its opening. Both the younger and older generations can return to the park for new experiences, family memories, and an escape from the reality of the world.

The Orlando resort opened 16 years after its partner, Disneyland, and on Oct. 1, 1971, around 10 thousand people paid the admission fee of a whole $3.50 to spend the day in the park! The prices certainly have gone up since then, and that, along with their recent park changes and political views, have been drawbacks for people when it comes to vacationing there. While these are valid reasons for holding back support for the company, it is possible that the benefits of a Disney vacation can outweigh the cons.

Depending on how many days one attends the park, ticket prices per day per person can range from $99 to $159. While that can certainly add up to a lot, Ali Polson, a local mom who loves to visit Disney World and is taking a trip there this summer, said, “My mantra has always been that when you go to Disney, you pay Disney prices because you’re paying for the magic. The prices are high, but I’m okay with that because we don’t go very often,” she continued, “that’s what makes a Disney trip so special.” Not only is the price worth it but where a family attends for their family trip does not need to depend on their agreement with a company’s political views. Although it can be frustrating, the memories and experiences are still the same, regardless of the changes they are making.

Disney parks are also consistently offering new, amazing attractions for their attendees. For this upcoming year, Disney is working on revamping Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, a new restaurant called Roundup Rodeo in Hollywood Studios, the completion of the World Celebration Neighborhood in EPCOT, and the Journey of Water in EPCOT, which will be a ride inspired by Moana and shares the story of water on Earth. Disney’s Magic Kingdom also recently opened a new roller coaster called “Tron Lightcycle Run,” and other relatively new rides include a Ratatouille ride and a Star Wars experience in Hollywood Studios. Disney is appealing to all age ranges with these new additions, and they are constantly improving the Disney experience with new technology and culture. Noah Weise, a middle school student who has taken and enjoyed multiple Disney World trips, said, “There are a lot of cool and unique rides at the different parks,” and that is why he enjoys a Disney vacation so much.

All in all, Disney is not for everyone. The prices are high, they have implemented changes, and their political views are unpopular for some, but there is nothing like the Disney experience. There is a reason that people travel across the country to see the magic for themselves, and it remains an escape from reality for the many visitors it receives.