What Happens in the Pennridge Gifted Program?


Tommy Cramer

Gifted Field Trip

The Pennridge gifted program consists of high school students that are in classes that are at least one grade level above their standard for their class as well as have an IQ of over 130. The gifted program has been used to make sure that higher academic students can reach their full potential academically. The students are offered a variety of opportunities including field trips and events where they are able to meet authors and other influential people. The program changes drastically throughout the years when you move up in your education level.

In elementary school, gifted students are pulled out of class at various times to meet and gather to work on more complex assignments that use a variety of methods. Most projects are problem-solving-based. The program runs from 1st-5th grade. To get into the program an IQ test is done on the students which allows them to demonstrate intellectual capabilities.

In middle school, the gifted program is used as a specific class. Students are graded as if it were a normal class. Research projects and problem-solving tests are done to fill the class time. These projects develop the research abilities of the students.

In high school, the program is very different. Pennsylvania holds state standards that require a student to be above the academic grade achievement level. The student must also have academic content and skills that reflect gifted ability. The student also must show expertise in some area of learning that is significantly higher than their general student counterparts. From the program at Pennridge, there is no class or official period of time where students gather to collaborate on projects. The gifted program is a canvas page with optional assignments that give students opportunities to do things that the general population of students does not have the opportunity to do. While the group does not meet as a whole, smaller groups do meet to address specific projects and opportunities, and any gifted student can meet with Mr. Czaplicki at any time or during RAMS time.

The events hosted by the gifted program in high school are meetings with authors, field trips, or informative videos that you can respond to. Hillary Cziplicki, a former Pennridge teacher, was promoted to run the gifted program in hopes to alter it and make it a more productive program for the students. The gifted program this year did a variety of activities. The program took a group to Philadelphia to explore the city as well as took a group to New York City to visit Ellis Island. In addition to the field trips, other activities done are mindset goal setting, going to plays, and competing in academic challenges including the short fiction contest. Jake Mckay, a Pennridge gifted student, stated, “My favorite activity this year was the trip to New York. We got to explore the city off on our own as well as get a look into the immigrant center of our country.”

Overall, the gifted program throughout Pennridge unlocks multiple opportunities for gifted students as well as allows high academic students to collaborate and expand their academic careers to their fullest potential.