All Things Prom!


Taken By: Hadley Polson

Prom Flower Bouquets

When spring rolls around, so does prom season! The end of the year can be very stressful for students, with finals and graduating. Prom is a great way to destress and have a fun night with friends!
The first proms were in the 1800s and were called “promenades.” They were more like tea parties instead of formal dances like they are now. Over time, proms have become more of a social event and are typically at the end of the school year. For seniors, proms are a great opportunity to have one last fun night with their high school classmates. When proms first became more of a social event, they were typically held in the gyms of the high school. Now it is common for schools to find a venue to hold the proms. This past Saturday, May 6, Pennridge had their junior prom at Iaccoca Hall at Lehigh University. Pennridge senior prom will be held on Friday, June 2 at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem. This is the first year Pennridge is holding a prom here. The Steel Stacks typically host concerts, films, comedy shows, and weddings. It is a very nice venue! The class of 2023 executive council vice president, Sabrina O’Shea said the Steel Stacks was chosen because “we felt we could improve on the venue. Steelstacks was also one of the first venues we found with great photos and reviews.” The theme for senior prom this year is golden gala; typically the students in the executive council have to decorate the venue the morning of prom, this year they are fortunate enough to have the chaperones and the workers at Steel Stacks take care of it. The executive council is going all out this year, and many students are excited for their senior prom!

A huge part of prom is the dresses of course. For a lot of girls, finding the perfect prom dress is very important, and most have some idea of what kind of dress they want before they go shopping. When asked how she found her prom dress, Alyssa Johnson, an excited prom-goer, said, “I knew I wanted a pink dress, so I was only looking at pink dresses. I tried on about eleven pink dresses at one place and about five at another, I finally found the perfect one at a place called Lex’s of Carytown”. Prom dress styles have varied greatly over the years; some popular styles this year include corset tops, sequins, halter tops, and lots of bright colors like pink and blue! Some great prom dress shops around our area are Golden Asp Boutique, Country Bride and Gent, and Gianna Rose Couture.

Prom king and queen is another classic prom tradition. Usually, for prom king and queen, students are allowed to nominate couples they want to see on the prom court. The couples with the most nominations will be on the court. Last year for junior prom, there were five couples on the court, and this year for senior prom, there are also five couples on the court. The couples on prom court this year have to make a 2-5 minute video about themselves explaining why they should be voted prom king and queen. Once all the videos are submitted, voting will open, and students can vote for their favorite couple that they want to see win prom king and queen! If you’re a senior going to Pennridge prom, don’t forget to vote for which couple you want to see win this year! Hope to see you there!